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predator 2000 generator review

Predator 2000 Generator Review – Everything you Want To Know

When you want a convenient power supply for activities such as camping outdoors, you need to go for the best generator possible. There are many generator brands out there, with as many different features for you to consider. Being able to consider all these factors is crucial for your user experience, especially since generators are delicate tools.

We have developed this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision for your needs. It’s a review of the Predator Generator 2000, which is both powerful and reliable for indoor use. 

Generators have come a long way over the years, and many people increasingly realize the benefits of owning one of these tools. Not only are they simple to set up, but they can also provide reliable power for all your electrical appliances.

Why We Liked It

Featuring inbuilt inverter technology, this inverter generator provides clean power, which is perfect for sensitive devices. Moreover, the efficient design of this inverter generator delivers more power, and with exceptional fuel consumption levels. Designed to be lighter in weight than most generators, this inverter generator is ideal for various applications, including RVs, boating, camping, and more. We also liked the fact that this unit is lighter than most generators and that it's ideal for camping, rafting, and more. 

The best tip for buying a generator for your needs is: Never wait until the lights go out. Whether you live in an area with hurricanes, snowstorms, or even heat waves, a lack of power can be a significant issue.

Key Features

The predator 2000 boasts of many unique features which can make it convenient for your devices. The primary ones include:

Run time: 12 hours @ 25% capacity

Perhaps the most significant feature in this unit is that it offers an exceptional run time, which is more than sufficient for your work or time spent outdoors. The run time of a good generator should average more than 7 hours. Furthermore, the runtime should be based on the capacity of the unit, and the number of power outlets it has available. Capable of providing well over 12 hours of run time, and at 25% capacity, the Predator 2000 generator is an excellent recommendation for your needs. The highly efficient generator is designed with efficiency in mind, and it's also easy to set up.

Super Quiet Only 65 dB

Noise can be a significant issue, primarily when you use gas-powered generators. Thus, you need a good generator that is not only powerful but also silent in operation. You will also appreciate the fact that this generator is super quiet, and will only produce a 65db sound level. This is a sound level, which is close to a human conversation level. Thus, the Predator 200 generator makes up for an excellent addition to your indoor space. When it is in use, it won’t affect the neighbors, or perhaps your little one who is asleep in the next room.

Electronic Overload Protection

When buying a generator, it's essential to consider the power supply features that are available with the machine. In this case, the Predator 2000 comes with electronic overload protection, which helps safeguard your devices from damage. More so, the electronic overload helps equalize the power supply, such that your devices never overcharge, which is a leading cause of battery damage. When it comes to starting the generator, the convenient recoil start makes things easy. It ensures the engine starts easily, even when it’s cold.

79.7cc Air-cooled OHV Gas Engine

As far as power goes, this generator features the powerful and highly efficient 79.7 cc air-cooled OHV gas engine. The engine is highly efficient and suitable for powering your small appliances, including lights, computers, and more. While the engine on this unit is sturdy, its whisper-quiet in operation and rarely requires maintenance. The main benefit of an OHV engine is that it provides a high torque level while being efficient at the same time.

2000 Starting Watts, 1600 Running Watts

Yes, the Predator 2000 is a small generator, but it packs a punch, and you will be surprised at the exceptional performance this unit can provide. With a starting watt level averaging at 2000, and a running level of 1600 watts, this generator is perfect for your needs. Simply put, it’s a small generator, which you can use to supply your large devices with power. It can provide more than two devices with power at the same time, and without issues such as overloading.

Parallel Compatibility

In the rare case that you need more power for your devices, the Predator 2000 still has you covered. To be specific, this generator has a power limit and may have to use the parallel kit if you want more power. The parallel kit lets you add a second Predator Generator, with the optional kit available. Thus, with two generators connected, you will have a total of 4,000 watts of power, which is more than enough for most devices.

Low Oil Indicator and High Impact Housing

The generator even comes with a low oil indicator, which makes it easy to perform machine maintenance. The low oil indicator comes in the form of a convenient LED light, which is placed on the front section of this unit. There is nothing better than when you have a heavy-duty generator, which ensures years of longevity. Thus, this is why the Predator 2000 generator has a high impact housing, which can withstand anything you throw at it. Besides that, such a unique structure means that the generator does not mind getting tossed around the trunk of your car.

The Good

  • Heavy-duty housing offers longevity
  • Low oil indicator makes tool maintenance convenient
  • Capable of parallel connectivity for double the power output
  • Powerful air-cooled OHV engine
  • Offers super quiet operation at 65 dB

The Bad

  • Has only two ports
  • Could use a large LCD screen

How to Use A Gas Generator

When a flood, hurricane, or natural disaster starts to bear down, people notice the importance of getting an excellent generator for when the power goes out. Never wait until you need a back up power unit before investing. Get a generator now, and be ready for anything. 

That said, it’s a significant investment, and there are many options for home generators to consider. If you want to buy a generator, these are the five essential safety tips for you to consider.

Never Use a Generator Indoors or In Enclosed Spaces

A generator is a mechanical tool, and it's likely to produce fumes during operation. Thus, the last thing you want is to use it indoors, where the fumes are likely to cause a health hazard. More so, issues such as wind are likely to push poisonous gases such as C02 inside the house, and this also a health hazard. The best advice would be to use generators outdoors, in places where there is adequate ventilation

Never “Back Feed”

For those who are not aware, a back feed occurs when you make an extension cord, which has prongs at both ends. Usually, people take this extension cord and plug into the generator on the side, and a power outlet may be indoors on the other end. Every component existing on the same circuit as the outlet receives electricity. However, this is not good for many reasons. The most common cause is that people will forget to throw the primary breaker on the service panel, and this has many issues. Now the high voltage electricity travels out to the grid, and this can be dangerous.

Never Use a Damaged Cord

People invest lots of money to purchase generators, and often forget about the importance of a suitable cord. Never use a damaged cable, or one which is taped, as this has various dangers associated with it.

Never Fuel the Generator When It’s Hot

Keep the fuel indoors, and not close to the generator. Even if this is common sense, not many people are keen on its benefits. A generator might cool down fast once you shut it down, and this often the case when you use the machine outdoors during winter. All it takes would be a small fuel spill on a red-hot generator to cause an explosion of petroleum. With the power already out, the last thing you want is an exploding generator in your space.

Use A Fuel Stabilizer

Some types of fuel will degrade fast unless you use a fuel stabilizer. Use the stabilizer when you want to store your generator for a few days without use. As far as fuel goes, you also have to remember to get the correct can for moving your fuel supply. Ensure the can is large enough to carry the fuel and has a good spout for ease of application.

Pick Your Features

Some brands feature a recoil handle or electric push-button start function, which makes the machine convenient to use. Even more, some of these tools also feature one or more outlets, which you can use to install extension cords. Other brands also feature covered outlets, illuminated control panels, and automatic shutdowns for when the oil runs low. More so, the portable brands can weigh between 100 to 250 pounds; you consider getting a wheel kit for your convenience. Once you install the wheels, you will find it easy to move the generator around your spaces.

Generator Fuel Type

Once you have determined the amount of power you need to keep your appliances running, you also have to consider the type of fuel. As previously mentioned, the electricity generators have an engine, which is responsible for power production. Usually, the engine can run on various sources of power include natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and even propane. Each of these fuel types has its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, ensure that you give some thought to the fuel type of your generator before investing. This way, you can plan ahead of time, and determine whether the power supply is suitable for your needs.


When the power is out and you need to keep your devices supplied with power, you have to make decisions before time. The Predator 2000 Generator Review is an excellent place for you to start addressing your power supply needs. The generator is compact and powerful at the same time, and you can move with it around outdoors with ease. Even more, this unit is parallel compatible, and you can get double the power output when connected.

Thus, you can avoid any issues such as electrical outages, when you have the correct power supply units. Get a good generator, and your power supply needs easy to address.

predator 3500 inverter generator reviews

Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Reviews

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast such as a camper, or you perhaps run delicate devices such as computer servers, you need a reliable power supply. You need a reliable power supply unit, which is both convenient and powerful to use. The range of suitable power supply products on the market is vast and diverse, which can make it hard to choose a good product. Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you – we have developed this predator 3500 inverter generator reviews to help you make a good choice. Equip yourself with a powerful generator, and you will enjoy reliable power for your appliances.

Before you can buy an excellent generator for your needs, there are a few key factors that you have to consider to ensure the best results. A generator is a technical machine, and you also have to be keen on these aspects so that you get a device that suits your appliance. The last thing you want is to get a portable generator when you have high capacity demands at home or the office.

Why We Liked It

While this unit is compact in size, it surely packs a punch – when it comes to power supply purposes. The generator features a powerful 212cc air-cooled gas OHV engine, which is reliable for your needs. With such a powerful motor, you can expect this unit to provide over 11 hours of reliable power.

The power generator is not only efficient, but it also produces minimal noise during operation. Even more, the generator also features a small screen, which lets you check the status of the machine conveniently. Also, the sound produced during operation is a crucial factor to consider. This is why the Predator 3500 Inverter Generator is silent in operation and will produce only 57db sound level.

Inverter Generator Benefits

High Quality Power Output

Perhaps the most notable benefit of inverter technology, is that you are sure of high-quality power output each time. An inverter is a special electrical mechanism, which makes it easy to regulate the quality of power. Thus, you are devices are safe from issues such as overcharging, and the generator can even perform equalization of the charge. The inverter generators are specially calibrated to ensure the power supply is clean and equalized.

Compact Structures

There is nothing better than when you have a compact generator, which you can around with ease. The inverter types are popular for being compact, and without causing any compromise on the quality of power produced. These types of generators comprise of few components, which makes the relatively compact. Thus, when you have an inverter generator, you are sure of a unit which is relatively small in size and suitable for portability.

Silent Operation

Not only are inverter generators compact, but they also produce a small amount of noise when in operation. Thus, the generators are perfect for use in various settings because the motor won't produce noise when in us. Some other high-end brands even incorporate their products with sound dampening materials, which make their machines even quieter.

Key Features

212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine

Perhaps the most significant feature in this unit is the powerful engine. While the generator is compact, it features a powerful engine, which can power most of your small appliances. The gas generator engine is both powerful and efficient at the same time. It can provide over 11 hours of power and produces a small amount of emissions. The best part about using the engine on this unit is that its highly efficient.

11-hour run-time @ 25% capacity

Run time is a crucial factor to consider when getting a good generator for your needs. Thus, this is why the Predator 3500 generator ensures optimal run time before you can plan on the next power supply. When you need more power, you can just add more fuel to the tank and continue operating your devices. With such an immense amount of run time, you are more than sure of a reliable power supply for all your electrical devices. You can even customize the load capacity of the generator to suit the power demands of your devices.

Digital LCD Screen

To make things better, the generator comes with a digital LCD screen that has a low oil indicator. The LCD screen is well positioned and is easy to view, even in brightly lit settings. Moreover, the LCDs various other useful metrics such as the overload and output light indicators. The overload indicator informs you when the generator is overloaded and requires additional power. Furthermore, the output light indicators demonstrate the amount of energy the generator can produce in a given duration.

Integrated smooth-rolling casters for portability

Mobility is a crucial factor to consider when you want to get a generator for your needs. Not only do you want to look at the weight of the device, but you also want to evaluate the handles. Weighing in at 9.9lbs, this generator is not necessarily easy to carry around for some users. Therefore, the Predator brand has done well to incorporate the generator with smooth-rolling casters, which makes it convenient to move around. The casters are durable and suitable for movement over various types of outdoor terrains. All these features are backed by the outstanding design ergonomics of the handles, which make the generator comfortable in your hands.

Electronic overload protection and Parallel Compatibility

When using generators, you have to be cautious about issues such as overload and overcharging. In this case, the predator 3500 comes with an electronic overload protection, which ensures your device is safe from damage each time. The overload protection unit keeps the power supply regulated and clean regardless of the type of device you attach to the generator. 

Similar to all the flagship predator generators on the market, this unit is parallel compatible for increased power output. In other words, you can connect the generator in parallel to increase the level of power output from the machine.

The Good

  • Comes with electronic overload protection
  • Easy to use generator design with ergonomic dials
  • 212 cc air-cooled engine is efficient
  • Can provide an exceptional 11 hour run time

The Bad

  • The motor warms up when used for long durations
  • Could use improved handle ergonomics for comfort

How to Buy a Good Gas Generator

Buying a generator can be a challenging procedure. That said, you can become more informed by using proper guides and getting the correct information. Here are a few key factors to know before buying a generator:

  • Determine your wattage needs – you have to come up with an average of the amount of power required to run your devices.
  • Establish your budget – generators range between different price categories, so determining the amount you want to spend is crucial.
  • Choose your generator – for home backup; you can go for the portable or standby generators. It all depends on factors such as power needs, convenience, and budget. Also, remember to use a transfer switch, which you will use to power the circuits in your home.
  • Consider the accessories included – does the generator come with components such as a warrant or maintenance package? What about parts such as wheels, a funnel, or a power cord? How much more will installation cost DIY vs. when you go to a professional? Will you need an accessory such as a cover to protect your generator from elements?
  • Check out exclusive features – generators are available with many different elements to make them easy to use and safe. Ensure that you check your generator for these factors before investing.

Understanding Your Wattage & Runtime Needs

There are two basic power measurements when it comes to buying generators; these are the starting watts and continuous watts. The starting watt is the amount required to run appliances at starts-ups, or perhaps when the devices are running at full capacity. Moreover, continuous power refers to the wattage needed for operating these appliances under a normal load, which is a metric measured in watts.

Common Applications

The way you plan to use the generator has a significant impact on the type of generator you select for your needs. The common ones include:

  • Storm and emergency power – if you want a generator for areas that are prone to hurricanes and bad weather, start by determining the appliances that you will use at that time. Will you need to power the entire house or just a few essential circuits? If you need a power supply for the whole house, then your best bet would be to go for a home standby generator. If you just want to power a few appliances and electronics, then a sizeable portable generator would be best.
  • Leisure and recreation – an inverter generator is perfect for activities such as camping and tailgating. A prevailing school of thought is to go for inverter generators, which are usually quiet and have low Total Harmonic Distortion. Thus, these tools are safe to use with electronics. Furthermore, most generators will provide only 3000W of power, so if you need more, go for a parallel kit. Or, you can go for generators that have Automate Voltage Regulation functions to make them convenient to use.
  • Jobsite – portable generators are most suitable for job site applications because they are portable and can supply different tools with power. Go for generators that have adequate running and starting watt power levels to suit your needs. Also, consider going for a generator with professional functions such as durable, heavy-duty frames, pneumatic tires, and idle technology. 
  • When buying a generator, remember to consider aspects such as the ports and outlets on the user panel, and the cables included with the unit as well. The outlets will make it easy to determine the types of appliances you need to power with your generator. There are various types of outlet types you will find on generators. For instance, if you want to power your RV with a generator, then ensure it features a 120-v outlet. Also, if you're going to power a small device such as a smartphone, consider outlets such as USB ports, which make it convenient to power your tools.

Generator Safety

Always consult the owner’s manual and instructions on the generator before using your machines. Also, carefully follow all warnings and guidelines before you start operating the generator. These tips are merely supplemental, and you can always learn more for optimal safety. They include:

  • Never operate a generator indoors or in enclosed spaces indoors. Only use the generator outdoors and away from doors, vents, crawl spaces, windows, and more. You need an area with adequate ventilation. Using a fan or opening the windows is not necessarily a good safety measure.
  • Always read the owner’s manual and instructions for your generator and carefully follow all instructions and warnings to safely start and operate the generator. These tips are merely supplemental and are not intended to substitute reading of the owner’s manual.
  • Use the generator on level surfaces, where you will not expose it to elements such as dust and moisture. These elements will easily compromise the functionality of your generator.
  • Never overfill the fuel tank, and leave some room for the expansion of fuel.
  • Never add fuel to the generator when the engine is still hot or running. Let the generator cool completely, before adding some fuel
  • Never store the generator with fuel in the tank, where gasoline vapors might make contact with an open flame, spark or light
  • Never connect your generator directly to the home wiring or a standard household power port. Connecting a portable electric generator to your installation can be a significant issue and other people. Connecting a generator directly to your home wiring can cause a ‘back feed’ on the power lines connecting to your home.
  • You must ground the generators properly. If your unit is not correctly grounded, then you run the risk of electrocution issues. The best recommendation is to ensure you adhere to all the rules required for safely operating a generator.
  • Leave at least 6 feet of clearance on either side of the generator when in its operation
  • Check the generator regularly, and contact a local dealer if you require any replacement parts.


When it comes to buying good power supply products, the range of products and options available is diverse. Thus, you have to make a precise decision when you want to get the correct power supply unit for your needs. You can never go wrong with a product from a reliable brand because you are sure of reliable power delivery each time. More so, you are also confident of a generator that offers safe and clean power each time. 

With the Predator 3500 inverter generator review, you are sure of starting in a good place. It’s a powerful generator, which sets up simple, and has a heavy-duty construction. The generator is also parallel compatible and can provide well over 10 hours of run time.  Get it, and instantly make it easy to manage power outages.

generac iq200 review

Generac iQ2000 Review & Buyer’s Guide

When you want reliable power, you need to go for a reliable and robust unit for your needs. In this case, you want to go for a generator, which is easy to use and convenient. The consumer market has several unique options which you can consider. However, this can make it somewhat challenging to find a suitable solution for your needs. Fortunately, we have identified all the useful information for you to consider for your power supply needs.

We have picked the Generac iq2000 generator because it guarantees reliable performance and impressive affordability. While this unit is compact, it makes up for its small size with exceptional power performance features. 

It’s the ideal generator for powering desired loads in various situations including campsites, backyard parties, tailgating events, parks and more. The machine has been tested to ensure it provides quiet operation than its competitors, which makes it easy to deliver adequate power without affecting those around you. More so, you will find it easy to connect any type of sensitive appliance to the generator, including electronics. It features a digital inverter module, which converts the raw power it produces from DC to AC power conveniently. Best of all, the Iq2000 is easy to use, and it comes with an innovative feature that you won’t find in most generators today.

Features from A Glance

  • Quiet generator operation with a 5-7 hour run time
  • 1.06-gallon fuel capacity
  • 7 hour run time at 25% load
  • Comes with economy, standard and turbo modes for convenient operation
  • Parallel connectivity for twice the power
  • Integrated power dial with start/run/stop functions
  • Powerbar displays the wattage used

Why We Liked It

There are various vital aspects and functions of the Generac iq2000 which you have to consider. For instance, the generator comes with a unique type of alternator, which you won't necessarily find in modern generators. Furthermore, it features a digital inverter module, which can cover the raw power produced from DC to AC power. On top of that, the engine speed varies based on the electrical demand, which will also reduce the amount of noise produced during operation. We also liked the unique Powerbar, which monitors and displays the amount of power produced at any given moment.

With such a unique combination of features, it's easy to see why the iq2000 is ideal for campsites, backyard parties, parks and more. The generator also operates quieter than most models, and won’t disturb those around you. We also liked that you can connect the generator to various types of sensitive tools, including electronics. 

And while this generator weighs 46lbs in weight, carrying it around to your campsites or playground is easy. Why? Well, the generator features a convenient ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to carry. Even more, the heavy duty design of the generator means that it won't mind getting tossed around in the trunk of your car. Simply put, this generator is built for the road, and to be convenient when you need power the most.

Key Features 

Quiet Operation

The Iq2000 comes with a unique type of alternator than you would find in most generators today. It features a digital inverter module, which converts the raw power produced from DC to AC power. Furthermore, the engine speed varies based on factors such as the electrical demand, which will help control the noise levels. 

As one of the best generators on the market, this unit comes with a powerful motor, which is whisper quiet in operation. Thus, this generator is powerful, and it won't produce any noises, that might affect the thrill of the time you spend outdoors. 

The Iq2000 has a powerful four-stroke 80 cc engine, which is fueled by gasoline, to provide as much as 120 volts of power. You will get a running wattage of 1600W, and it reaches a peak wattage of 2000W. Even more, since this machine is parallel cable, you can easily double the amount of power it produces when linked to a second unit.

The pull start mechanism on this unit is also easy to use and convenient. With an average fuel capacity of 1.06 gallons, the Iq2000 can run for over seven hours even on a full tank. The generator can produce a clear sine with a well-balanced harmonic distortion level.

Heavy-Duty Design and Ergonomic Handle

Generac iQ2000 buyer's guide

Innovation does not stop there with this best power supply source for your needs. Why? Because it boasts of many other useful features that make it ideal for use during power outages. For instance, the heavy-duty design of this unit means that it does not mind getting tossed around in the back of your trunk. Even more, the Generac brand has done well to include an ergonomic handle, which makes the generator easy to carry around. 

Weighing in at 46lbs, this generator is pretty compact when compared to other generators in its class. The best part is that it “packs a punch” when it comes to power supply applications while maintaining whisper-quiet operation. 

It has a characteristically encased inverter generator structure, which offers aesthetic benefits over the conventional generator products. This type of design is highly convenient and suitable for power generation. Designed to be lightweight and portable, it weighs only 46 lbs., and one person will find it easy to move.

Convenient Powerdial and Status Bar

The ability to manage your specific power supply needs is highly important, especially when you are outdoors where you wont get gas easily. Thus, the Generac brand has done well to include thoughtful power management solutions for your needs. This way, you can plan ahead for whenever you notice the gas in the generator reducing. The last thing you want is your generator running dry in the middle of the night, or when you were perhaps using a camp light for something important. 

You will also find the power dial on this unit convenient to use. It can perform various functions including start, run and stop, which makes it ideal for controlling your generator. This feature is also backed by the unique PowerBar monitor, which displays the amount of power used. 

When it comes to product feedback, the dashboard on this unit is easy to use to monitor the operating status of the generator. While the generator is running, you can determine the amount of time remaining before you need to refuel by checking the display. Even more, the Powerbar regularly specifies the amount of power produced by the generator. Other useful features include low oil, overload alerts, and low fuel alarms.

Excellent Run Time

With an average run of 7 hours and at 25% load, this generator is both highly effective and efficient. You are sure that you have more than enough power to keep you running during camping or when simply using your favourite electronic devices. It even comes with the unique economy, standard and turbo modes of operation to help you save fuel. The best part is that the convenient power dial makes it easy to activate these modes of operation.

Even if the run, stop and start functions are simple to set by using the convenient Powerdial, you will find it convenient to toggle through these modes of operation. They are set to help reduce noise and fuel consumption levels based on specific load requirements. 

When you connect equipment that requires high power to the generator, consider using the Turbo mode. For loads that require a higher power output, then the Turbo mode would best. For loads that require a small amount of power, consider using the Economy mode. The standard model is only suitable for use with intermediate load requirements.

The Good

  • Capable of parallel connectivity for double the power output
  • Ergonomic handle and easy to pull start cord
  • Heavy-duty generator design and simplistic design
  • Has a convenient PowerBar and dial for ease of use

The Bad

  • The pull cord is not easy to use for some users
  • The generator is only available in one finish
  • Could use an LCD screen for ease of use

Portable Generator Buying Guide

Portable generators are ideal if you need power for your small devices around the house, or when perhaps have a power blackout. Outside the house, a small generator is suitable for powering devices such as small appliances, TVs, power tools and more. You use this type of generator at construction sites to operate items such as drills, saws, air compressors and more. 

Plus, before you can buy a suitable generator or power supply unit for your needs, there are some few key features you should consider for the best results. Considering these features ensures that you pick a generator which can meet your specific power supply needs. The features one user requires on a generator might not be necessarily similar to those that another user requires. 

Before learning more on these factors, gain more insight by reading the instructions and manual on the portable generator. Even more, you should follow the warning and instructions required to operate the generator. Never improvise when it comes to maintaining generator safety. These tips will help improve your safety when using a generator:

Carbon Monoxide and Ventilation

  • The exhaust of a portable generator produces carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas, which can’t smell or see
  • Never operate the generator in small or enclosed spaces
  • Use your portable generator outdoors, away from vents, doors and crawl spaces. Ensure you have adequate ventilation to avoid poisoning
  • Using a fan when indoors won't improve the ventilation in the room
  • Use a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm, and ensure you install it correctly

Gasoline, Fueling and Preventing Burns

  • Gasoline is an explosive and flammable item
  • Never overfill your fuel tank. Leave some space for the expansion of fuel
  • If you overfill the tank, the fuel can overflow, which can lead to explosion or fires
  • Never add fuel while the generator is running or hot. Let the generator run, and allow the engine to cool before adding some fuel
  • Never store your generator with fuel, where the gas vapors might reach a spark or flame
  • Never smoke when close to a generator or a fuel source
  • Most generator components are hot enough to cause burns when in operation, and even when the generator coils.

Electrocution and Electrical Shock Hazard

  • Connecting to a portable electric generator directly to your home wiring can be dangerous. Such a connection can lead to a back feed onto the power lines, and lead to machine damage or injuries.
  • Avoid connecting the generator directly to the home wiring or a household power outlet
  • Always start or stop the generator, when it has no electrical loads
  • Overloading your generator can cause damage to sensitive electronics and appliances. Never overload your generator. Also, never operate more tools and equipment than the recommended output rating of your generator. Classify your needs, and ensure you use the generator when you have power outages.
  • Use the correct power cords. Connect specific equipment to the generator using the proper power cords, and use a wire gauge which is suitable for the appliance. Overloaded cords can lead to fires, or damage your equipment. Never use extension cords that have exposed wires or damaged shielding
  • Never use your generator in wet conditions, such as snow or rain
  • Ensure that you ground the generator correctly. If it is not grounded, there is a risk of electrocution. Check, and ensure you comply with all the state, local and federal regulations for generators.

Generator Placement and Operation

  • Keep children or pets away from the generator all times
  • Maintain at least 5 feet of space on either side, when using the generator
  • You can use the generator in various weather and temperature settings. However, ensure you safeguard the generator from elements when not in use, to avoid rusting and shorting.
  • Never operate your generator indoors or in a closed space
  • Use the generator on lever surfaces, where you won't expose it to excessive moisture, dust or corrosive gases
  • Evaluate the generator regularly, and get in touch with a dealer if you have parts that require repair
  • Ensure that you disconnect the spark plug wire, and put it where it won't get in touch with the spark plug and lead to accidental starting.

Portable Generator Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between the rated watts and the maximum watts?

A. The rated watts refers to the amount of the power the generator can deliver continually. On the contrary, the maximum wattage refers to the power the generator can produce in short durations. The power a motor requires during startup is an excellent example of maximum wattage requirements.

Q. Can I use a portable generator for backup power

A. Yes, you can. However, it all depends on factors such as the equipment you have available and their average power ratings. Never plug your generator in a power outlet in your home. If you want to connect a portable generator to your home wiring, consider speaking with a certified electrician. 

Q. What is a transfer switch?

A. It’s a device which lets you connect a portable generator to the electrical system in your home. It does, so while allowing you disconnect safely from the utility grid. Thus, it helps prevent any issues such as back feeds.

Q. What is a back feed?

A. A back feed will happen when you connect your generator in the home outlet. It then feeds power back onto the utility lines, and this can lead to many hazards for other electricity users in your home 

Q. Do you need to ground a portable generator?

A. Yes, for safety, you have to ensure the generator is correctly grounded. If it's not precisely ground, there is a risk of electrocution. Check and confirm to ensure you have a generator installed according to state regulations.

Q. Can I vent the exhaust out of an enclosed space?

A. No, never operate the generator in an enclosed space or your home. The portable generators are designed to operate in areas with optimal ventilation. Components such as the generator exhaust, in all gasoline engines will produce large amounts of carbon monoxide.

Q. Can I use my generator in the rain?

Yes, you can. But some brands are not suited for use in the rain, and you may have to read the instructional manual before making a decision.

Quick Comparison With the Yamaha EF2000iSv2

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Inverter generator is also a solid addition to your power supply regimen. This unit will quietly power various types of devices, for extended times, and also stay cool. It also features a new controller design and convenient programming functions. Weighing in at less than 40 pounds, this unit is compact and durable to make it ideal for your power supply needs. However, the iq2000 beats this unit when it comes to the power rating supply and ease of use.

Silent Operation

The EF2000iSv2 features one of the most advanced mufflers on the market, with a unique USFS approved spark arrestor. The generator is exceptionally quiet that you can enjoy speaking with a friend, and you won’t realize its operating. Even more, the rubber vibration isolation functions ensure smooth operation and help to control the effects of noise.

Oil watch warning system – this unique system helps to stop engine damage that might occur due to low oil. Thus, you avoid any costly repairs and reduce downtime, which provides you with peace of mind. Even more, the unique electrical overload breaker ensures the generator maintains optimal functionality, even when there is an overload.

Smart Throttle

The smart throttle regulates the speed of the engine in relation to a specific load size. Such a unique design helps improve fuel economy, and it also reduces the effects of noise. The generator can run for 10 hours. The OHV engine is reliable, robust and efficient, thus ensuring optimal longevity. The OHV engine even has a steel camshaft and train components, to make it easy to use the generator.

Fuel and Gas Petcock

You will not only be pleased by the fuel efficiency of this unit, but the fuel management systems available as well. The Yamaha brand seems to have an understanding of the power supply challenges that people face when using generators outdoors.

The inclusion of a convenient gasoline petcock makes it easy to regulate the gas, and let the carb run dry for convenient storage. Such a unique structure helps prevent any issues associated with gas accumulation. The EPA & CARB emission engine durability rating ensures the generator offers longevity and is suitable for use for intensive power supply demands.


Every time there is a power outage, you lose the ability to use tools such as lights, radios, TVs and more, conveniently. However, when you have the correct power supply resources, you are always confident even during a power outage. Thus, the Generac iq2000 review is an excellent recommendation for addressing your power supply needs. It’s a powerful machine, which offers whisper operation.

Even more, while the 80cc engine on this unit is powerful, the compact size of this unit makes it ideal for use in small spaces. It's an excellent portable and standby addition to your unique power supply regimen.

10 Best Solar Attic Fan Models

If you're looking for the best solar attic fan, you're probably one among hundreds of people faced with the burden of a super-hot attic. 

It's a common problem, especially since most HVAC systems focus on cooling living areas of a house. All is well and good, until of course summer arrives and the attic is taking the brunt of the heat. This is problematic because of two things: 

  • If you're using the attic as someone's bedroom or a storage room, it may not be livable during super-hot months.
  • If you leave the attic virtually empty all year-round, you may not notice this issue. However, you might notice that your HVAC system is working extra-hard or even producing less cold air.

One way to solve this is to replace or upgrade your HVAC system, but it can be a huge investment to do so. Installing a solar attic fan is actually a more affordable and efficient fix. Check out 10 of the best solar attic fan brands we've handpicked for you...

Most Affordable 


  • Very customizable with different sizes and options available
  • Affordable
  • Effective once installed

Most Attractive


broan 345so attic ventilator
  • Made of heavy-duty plastics and metals
  • Innovative and flat design (no bulky equipment on your roof)
  • Fully weatherproof

Most Featured-packed


Amtrak 14-inch Solar Attic Fan
  • Huge fan blade and housing for its size
  • 40-watt solar panel provides ventilation for spaces up to 2250 square feet
  • All parts USA made

10 Best Solar Attic Fan Models of 2019

Ventilation in the attic helps by pushing hot air out and pulling cooler air in, while properly circulating air inside. The solar attic fan removes stuffy, stale and unhealthy air from your attic without spending additional money on electricity.

In general, solar attic fans can easily be installed, if you know your way around a drill, saw and screwdriver. But if you find your roofing, wiring, or HVAC system complicated and would rather a professional install the solar attic fan for you, you have an option to hire a pro anytime.

natural light 36-watt solar attic fan
  • Arizona-based company, but Germany-made motor
  • 25-year warranty on solar panel and motor
  • Fully operational straight off the box

Natural Light 12-watt solar attic fan simply works. It can easily improve ventilation of a space up to 1,260 square feet. While this varies depending on local climate, that's still pretty powerful, considering the fan runs from free solar energy. This gorgeous-looking solar attic fan operates at up to 893 cfms to reduce the load of your air-conditioning system. 

The kit includes a high impact photovoltaic solar panel housed on a leak-proof aluminum. Underneath, it is powered by a DC motor, which you'll notice is a lot more quieter than any of your plugged HVAC systems. Natural Light makes a thermostat and fire safety switch available (for an extra fee) if you wish to add them to your solar attic fan.


  • Equipped with stainless-steel mesh to keep rodents away
  • Super quiet motor
  • High quality build with weatherproofed aluminum housing


  • Professional installation costs $200 or more (varies between provider and location)
 iliving smart exhaust solar roof attic exhaust fan
  • Available in different sizes and options for add-on features
  • Provides ventilation for up to 2000 square feet of space
  • Ideal for roof, greenhouse, attic, side of the house, RV, boats and so on
  • 15-year warranty for motor

iLIVING's Smart Exhaust solar roof attic fan features a 20-watt adjustable polycrystalline solar panel. It runs with an IP68 waterproof brushless motor, which operates as quietly as a typical oscillating fan. 

This model comes built-in smart thermostat control 65-130f with enable/disable feature. There are extra fees involved, but if you want your fan to have an on/off switch, screen guard or non-stop running AC power supply, you can choose these options when checking out.


  • Sleek-looking, all-black design
  • Adjustable solar panel (goes from 0° to 15° and 30° to 45°)
  • Well thought of add-on options


  • Installation issues may occur (due to size details and accessories included)
gbgs solar attic fan
  • Flexible solar panels (can be moved in various directions)
  • 10 to 25 years warranty on parts
  • Auto on/off motor

The GBGS solar attic fan is designed to help replace stale and hot indoor air with cold air from outdoors during summer months, then remove indoor moisture during winter without the need for additional HVAC units. It is designed to automatically turn on the motor when temperature reaches 77°F and automatically shut off once the temperature cools down to 65°F.

Equipped with a 20-watt solar panel, this GBGS solar attic fan can adjust 90 degrees horizontally (thanks to the bracket included), and adjust its position against the sun from 0/15/30/45 degrees. Its IP68 waterproof, 24-volt brushless motor delivers enough power without the noise that usually befalls motors of its size.


  • Motor protection with auto on/off feature
  • Nylon-fiber aluminum fan blades
  • Ventilates up to 1,750 cubic feet per minute (CFM)


  • Only for roof and similar surface
broan 345so attic ventilator
  • Provides ventilation for up to 537 cubic feet per minute
  • Impressively designed and well-built
  • Fully weatherproof

The BROAN 345SO may look tiny, but it is one of the prettiest solar attic fans in the market today.  It was designed with a 28-watt, tempered glass solar panel housed in a UV-stabilized, rugged ABS plastic that can impressively withstand the strongest winds, hail, or storm. 

One small, yet important detail, is the aluminum gauge screen that keeps birds, insects and small animals out of the fan. It's also made of aluminum, so you know it's going to last in keeping airflow free from blockage.


  • Heavy-duty plastic can be painted
  • Rust-resistant, weatherproof solar panels
  • Easy installation
  • Optional thermostat available
  • Unobtrusive roof installation


  • Non-adjustable solar panels
remington solar attic fan
  • Equipped with noise-dampening technology
  • Built-in thermostat and humidistat

Remington's solar attic fan is a rectangular-shaped all-black roof mount with a stylish design and simple, yet durable parts. It is made with a quiet brushless 24-volt DC Motor, which is powered up by solar power gathered by the 30-watt polycrystalline solar panel. 

This Remington model was designed to ventilate up to 1550 CFM for 2500 square-feet attics. 

The cool thing about the Remington solar attic fan is that it already pre-installed the thermostat and humidistat out of the box. Compared to other brands that make these optional (with around $50 value each), adding these parts save you some money. Plus, it is built with noise-dampening technology as well.


  • Beginner-friendly, one-hour installation
  • Built-in thermostat comes free of charge
  • Quiet operation


  • Only 12 month limited warranty
Amtrak 14-inch Solar Attic Fan
  • Ideal for RV, garage, greenhouse or Gabel vent
  • Brand backed with 30 years of solar power experience
  • Built in the USA

With Amtrak's solar-powered attic fan, you don't need to worry about ventilating the stuffy air in your attic. It powers up once it gets too hot in the attic, then shuts down when no longer needed. 

The Amtrak solar attic fan is built with 40-watt solar panel, thermal-protected motor and a 10-inch high efficiency fan blades made by renowned fan-blade manufacturer Revor.  All these components work together effectively in providing ventilation for areas up to 2250 square feet. 

And if you're going to install this on your own, you'd be pleased to know that the Z-brackets included in the pack are already pre-drilled for your bolts and screws. Interested in built-in thermostat? This can be free too, but you'd need to request it first.


  • Large 14-inch fan housing
  • Quick-connect wires and pre-drilled brackets for easy installation
  • 25 feet of wire included in the box
  • Can be installed open louver


  • 10-inch Fan blade may look awkwardly small against its big housing
eco-worthy 25w solar powered vent fan
  • Auto on/off operation
  • Flexible placement - works on roof and everywhere else
  • Expandable (if you want)

If you know your way around solar panels, this ECO-WORTHY solar-powered fan can be a very good option for you. Not only can you place this on your attic, gable roof vent, greenhouse, and any other spots in or outside your home, this kit is also flexible enough for you to add more panels (or fans) if needed. 

ECO-WORTHY's solar vent fan includes a 25-watt fan, high efficiency brushless motor and 30-watt solar panel that you can fold (if you have a small space) or extend (up to 37.2 × 18.6 inch) to have more sunlight coverage. On paper, the ECO-WORTHY solar-powered fan is supposed to ventilate areas up to 1960 cubic feet per minute, but many report it is near the 1000 CFM mark.


  • 5-year solar panel warranty
  • Fan can operate at low voltage (as low as 4 volts)
  • Comes with 6 brackets, 16 feet cables, bolts and screws for installation


  • Only 1-year motor warranty
solar blaster solar roof vent
  • Tiny solar-powered attic fan
  • Manual quality-tested before shipped
  • Used on roof, greenhouse, sheds, garages, containers, RV, and so on

If you're not a fan of huge systems on your roof due to its bulky appearance, or if your roof cannot handle any heavy components installed, the Solar Blaster roof vent fans could be your solution. They're small enough to not add much weight or obstruction in view from your roof.

Solar Blaster's solar-powered roof and attic ventilation fans feature a 3-watt solar panel (25-year rated) on top of a square-shaped high-quality leak-proof housing. There's also the 50k-hour rated fan with two-ball bearing and 1/8-inch mesh screen to keep insects and pests away from the vents.

The advantage to this kind of solar attic fan is that it's a set-and-forget equipment, but it also means there would be less control since you'd just let the fan "do its thing" whenever temperature increases


  • 5-year warranty
  • USA-based family business
  • Super-small footprint
  • No need to access attic during installation


  • May need more than one unit to provide ventilation to bigger spaces
hqst solar powered attic fan with adjustable solar panel
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • All-in-one unit (no wiring, cables needed)
  • Built with durable, weatherproofed materials

If you like the design of Solar Blaster, but don't have the funds to buy two or more units, this HQST solar-powered attic fan should be the model you're looking for. It can be installed on most sloped or flat roof types, whether it's concrete tile, wood, asphalt shingle, metal, or slate.

Designed with an all-black, durable aluminum housing, The HQST solar attic fan is comprised of the 15-watt polycrystalline solar panel placed perfectly on top. Hidden under the panel is the 12-inch fan and 1P68-rated brushless DC motor.


  • Snap-on thermostat is available as an add-on
  • Solar panels are adjustable
  • Automatic light control
  • Quiet operation


  • One unit of this HQST solar attic fan can only ventilate an area of 1076 square feet max
natural light ultra low-profile 24-watt solar attic fan
  • Popular solar panel manufacturer
  • Built using commercial-grade materials
  • Ideal for small homes with Fiberglass-Asphalt shingle roofs

Natural Light's smaller solar attic fan is for those who prefer style with function. Its ultra low profile makes it a good option, especially with the black powder-coated aluminum housing and black background, if you're not a fan of big and bulky equipment on top of your house. 

What's great about this model is that even if it's obviously a well-designed solar fan, it is also solidly built with useful features. It is equipped with a 24-watt solar module and 17-volt motor, which has a venting capacity of up to 2100 square feet of attic space per fan. And because all the wires and cables are already built into this kit, installation is user-friendly and hassle-free. 

Natural Light also has an impressive 25-year warranty for all the parts. Yes, motor, solar panels, fan, the works. You'd get your money's worth way before any damage occurs to your solar attic fan.


  • Unobtrusive, ultra-low profile
  • Could withstand hurricane-level winds
  • No-wiring installation


  • Fire safety and thermostat switch available (but sold separately)

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Attic Fan

When choosing between the best solar attic fan for your home, take note of these several considerations:

  • Space availability - Some of these fans are small and portable, but others can be as huge as HVAC systems. The good news though is manufacturers will state the square footage needed for a particular make and model, so know your available space in the attic to see if the solar attic fan you plan to buy is best for you.
  • Solar attic fan parts
  •  Motor - Solar attic fans should have powerful motors to be able to perform efficiently. 
  • Solar panel - What kind of solar panel is incorporated into the solar attic fan? Make sure to check how powerful the panel or panels are. Ideally, look out for those with around 20 to 30 watts. Another feature you should look out for when it comes to solar panels is an adjustable setup that lets you pivot the panels or position for better sunlight coverage. 
  • Materials used - Because you'll be placing the solar attic fan near the roof outdoors, the model you buy should be weather-resistant. Check materials used for the solar attic fan and make sure it is built with rust- and corrosion-free stainless steel, high quality plastics, and metallic blades. 
  • Thermostat options - If you want to be able to control fan temperature or attach a thermostat, there are solar attic fans that could accommodate these requirements.
  • Other features - Other features such as adjustable fan speed may not be present on all kinds of solar attic fans, but you can either watch out for this specific feature or have it custom-made.
  • Local weather - Consider the climate and weather your area suffers throughout the year. Do you get intense winds? snow storms? all-sun? Find a "weatherproofed" solar attic fan based on your area's weather and climate.

Cost and warranty should also be a consideration, especially if you're looking for a long-term solution to high temperatures in your attic. 

Wrap Up: Which is the Best Solar Attic Fan for My Home?

All the solar attic fans we’ve handpicked for this list can be effective for your space. 

But here’s our top three: iLIVING Smart Exhaust Solar Roof Attic Fan for those on a budget, BROAN 345SO Attic Ventilator if you think design should be second-priority to efficiency, and the Amtrak 14 inch Solar Attic Fan for those who want to use a solar attic fan beyond their roofs.  

One of the most important things to know about solar attic fans is that there is no “best solar attic fan” for everyone. A particular brand and make may be perfect for your neighbor’s greenhouse, but will be the worst choice for your 2,000-square feet attic. And this definitely does not mean the product is worthless or ineffective.

The best solar attic fan for your home is the unit that can accommodate the space you need to cool down. And if you can’t find any solar attic fan big enough for your needs, it could mean that you might have a better chance of you bought two or more of your chosen solar attic fan

wen 56200i review

WEN 56200i Review

Looking for a portable generator that is worth your hard-earned buck? Well, today we are investigating WEN 56200i. The WEN 56200i Generator is worth your money and is known by many as a quiet generator.

The generator offers an output of 1600 watts rated and 2000 watts surge power. And as it is expected of good portable machines like this one, WEN 56200i emits clean energy. Its power is also stable and therefore perfect for electricity-sensitive connections.

On top of that, the compact build of this unit is impressive. And because of the compactness, it is easy to lift and carry the generator around as you wish. Making it truly portable machine ideal for your remote electrical needs.

As mentioned earlier, this is not a noisy machine. You will not even notice there is a generator running around. Compared to many other similar models, the WEN 56200 is very silent - only generating 51 decibels at a 25% load. This sound level is comparable to normal people’s conversations.

Because of this low noise output, the generator is highly recommended for camping, RVing, tailgating among other outdoor uses. It comes as EPA III and CARB compliant granting that it produces clean energy that is friendly to the environment.

Features and Specifications

Quick Features

  • Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 18 inches
  •  Weights: 48lbs
  • 2 three-prong 120V receptacle
  •  1 5V USB port
  • Parallel connection
  • Carrying handle
  •  Low oil shutdown
  • Overload protection
  • 51 decibels noise output
  • Two-year warranty
  • EPA III and CARB approved

Outstanding Features

Overall Performance

WEN 56200i is a generator designed with a powerful 80cc 4-stroke engine. The generator produces 1600 watts of power when running normally. And at peak power demand, it offers up to 2000 watts - making it an excellent unit. This performance is high and outshines many regular generators out there in the same class as WEN 56200i.

The generator is fuel-efficient, thanks to the eco-mode feature. It saves on the gas this generator uses to operate. Hence making it an unrivaled economy option.

Moreover, the generator is both EPA III and CARB compliant. This means that the engine and emissions it releases have been found to be non-pollutants. So, the generator can even be used to give power in places like national parks and it is safe for wildlife.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Runtime

WEN 56200i comes with a 1-gallon tank, which is definitely the standard for inverter generators across the industry. A full tank is capable of running the unit for 6 hours at 50% load. Looking at this runtime, it is curiously short when compared with other generators in the same competition.

The tank capacity is notably small, although it is the industry standard. This can only be annoying for fellows who would not want to keep watching over their generators while having fun.

In addition, the generator has an eco-mode function. Generally, this feature enables WEN 56200i to use fuel efficiently. The eco-mode automatically adjusts the speed of the engine to match the amount of the load. This means that there is no running of the engine on one speed throughout.

While eco-mode helps on the fuel economy of the generator, it does make it also run quieter. Especially when the load is smaller, at 25%.

Quiet Operation

Running under a 25% load, this generator is very quiet. It produces only 51 decibels of noise - excessively low to raise any noise concerns. However, this is not obviously the quietest model on the market. Honda EU2200i, for example, generates only 48 decibels.

 Overall, it is a quiet generator. This is why the noise it produces has been compared to normal human conversations by the US Department of Health and Human Services. WEN 56200i is therefore ideal to be used in public places.

To consolidate the quiet operation of this model, it comes with an eco-mode feature. This makes the generator adjust to low noise levels. Especially when running quarter loads.

Design and Portability

WEN 56200i has a compact build - as most portable generators do. The inverter generator measures just 18x11x18 inches, and it is sturdy generally. It weighs in at 48 lbs.; this can be effortlessly lifted and carried around. It also comes with a sturdy carrying handle to ensure that you do not falter.

The fact that it is a highly portable model makes it a match for many activities. Whether you are tailgating, camping or RVing, simply haul it along with you.

Control Panel

There is a control panel on the body of the generator. It has a low oil level and overloading indicators. Also, the generator comes with an automatic low oil shutdown, low fuel shutdown, and overload protection. With these, rest assured that even in case of hazards, your generator will still be in the perfect working condition.

The flexible control panel also features easy to use buttons, receptacles, and switches. The Switch ON button also activates the eco-mode to increase fuel efficiency. The parallel connection outlets are found below the eco-mode function. You can link one WEN 56200i generator to another using this connection.

Other features you can see on the control panel include circuit breaker, four outlets, and a grounding nut.

Parallel Connection

WEN 56200i used alone may only generate power for a few electrical items. But two of these generators connected together will obviously produce a lot more energy. To support this goal, a WEN parallel connection kit will up your two generators. The only sad thing about the connection kit is that you have to purchase it separately. This means more costs on your side.

Power Outlets

The WEN 56200i model does not fall short on ports and outlets for charging or connecting your electrical items. The generator has two convenient three-pronged 120V sockets and one 12V DC receptacle. In addition, you will get a useful multipurpose USB port to connect your devices including phones, electronic equipment, and other portable devices.

With this variety of ports and sockets, the WEN 56200i model is a ready-to-go option for all your needs.


Generally, the WEN 56200i generator is easy to use or maneuver. It is also safe to operate. The simple control panel has indicators for low oil levels and overloading. Its automatic shutdown feature activates once the unit runs low on fuel. While there is overload protection to ensure that the generator and the items connected are all free from potential damage.

The model weighs only 48 lbs. This is quite imperative when it comes to handling it. Most people will find it lightweight and thus, easy to carry around from place to place. This convenience is the reason why the generator has attracted over 700 buyers on Amazon.

No to mention that the WEN 56200i is also very quiet. Therefore, you can use it in the public space with minimum fuss. Besides, its emissions are not harmful to the environment either. Of course, these are the reasons why the generator is EPA III and CARB compliant.

The manual recoil system may seem a bit tedious for starting this generator. But once that is completed, the on/off/choke turning knob on the control panel does the rest of the starting process.


One of the benchmarks of a product’s credibility is the warranty it comes with. WEN 56200i is covered by a 2-year warranty for non-commercial uses. If you are purchasing the generator for commercial purposes, the warranty will be for three months only.

According to WEN 56200i manual, the warranty offered covers any faults and defects within the specified period. For any repairs or replacement for your defective product, ensure that you provide proof of purchase.

However, do not return the generator to the retailer where you made the purchase. Instead, call the manufacturer’s toll-free customer care number provided. The customer support will advise accordingly which service center you need to visit for help.

The WEN Company will replace or repair your unit without charge of labor or the new parts used for replacement. But as expected, the customer takes care of the shipping expenses to and from the service center. Whatever way, make sure that you adhere to their instructions strictly.


In the industry where the performance of a product might be judged based on its cost, WEN 56200i is a bang for the money. There are many costly generators out there - with high-end features that promise mind-blowing performances.

WEN 56200i does not disappoint in terms of price. It is a middle-class buy at just $430. Meaning, you do not need to overspend to get it. At the same time, it is not a very cheap model - technically, it is just above the budget level.

Pros and Cons



The price point of the WEN 56200i generator is not overwhelming for budget level buyers. With features almost matching high-end models’, the $430 is a bang on the money.

This simply means that you get more features for less money. You can say that this model is three less than the cost of a Honda EU2200.

Quiet Operation

Apart from power ratings, the other major point to consider in a portable generator nowadays is quiet operation. The WEN 56200i is very quiet; you would not notice its presence in the surrounding when you are about 50 feet away.


The generator is also easy to use. Right from starting it to operating the control panel functions. You also get an instruction manual for guidance and reference on its usage.

The fact that it is lightweight and portable makes it easy to handle. It has a comfortable and sturdy carry handle and you can lift it with effortlessly.

You can also maintain it easily, thanks to the user manual with clear instructions.


Because it weighs only 48 lbs., this generator is a lightweight model. Thus, it is portable and can be used in many outdoor activities.


The WEN 56200i generator is the right unit to have around for safety. Producing the pure sine wave power, it is free from the unexpected but regular power surges. This keeps your generator and devices from any potential damage. So, you can charge or connect your delicate electronics such as laptops and mobile phones.


Thanks to the eco-mode, the WEN 56200i model is great on fuel economy. The eco-mode feature helps to adjust engine speed to match the current load. At a 25% load, a lot of fuel is spared.


  • Pouring oil into this generator is a bit difficult as reported by a number of users on Amazon.
  • Some also feel that WEN company offers a limited warranty and support
  • Short runtime is also a feature of discomfort for some reviewers. They feel 6 hours for a full tank is short.
  • The fuel tank may not have the right capacity for serious tailgaters and RViers.

Final Verdict

Is WEN 56200i Worth the Money?

To be precise, WEN 56200i is worth the money you pay. Therefore, we can advise you to purchase the generator with confidence that it will serve your interest in the latter. This model does not only provide many features for a few bucks but it also performs like the top, top models in the market.

And if you are looking for a quiet unit, WEN 56200i seems to be an ideal pick. The generator’s noise output is a measly 51 decibels, of course at quarter load. This carries massive benefits for those wishing to use in it in campsites, RV parks, and places where noise is strictly prohibited.

predator 4000 generator review

Predator 4000 Generator Review

Power outages are a constant occurrence, especially during harsh rainy, windy, or cold weather. So what do you do to make sure that you still have enough backup power to run household electronics and appliances? Enter the Predator 4000 generator.

There’s an endless list of options when it comes to generators. But this doesn’t mean that all of them have what it takes to serve their purpose. The Predator 4000 generator is one that gives an exemplary performance anywhere.

Whether you want to power your home in case the lights suddenly go off, or you want to bring it along on your fishing, camping, or adventurous expeditions, this generator will fit right in. With an output of up to 3200 watts, it can power up most of your basic appliances.

This includes functions such as lighting, charging the phone, powering a radio, heating a small electric grill or cooker, and so on.

But what more is there to the Predator 4000 generator? Here is a detailed predator 4000 generator review to help clear the air.


Often, the damage and inconvenience that comes with power faults are immeasurable. From food in the fridge going to waste, the HVAC system not working, having to shower using cold water and light bulbs developing shots, and so on. To cushion yourself from all this hullabaloo, you’d want a backup power generator that is up to the task.  This Predator 4000 generator is the missing piece in your power puzzle.

During emergencies or for recreational uses, this generator provides up to 10 hours of uninterrupted power when running at 50 per cent capacity. If you want a power generator that looks good, isn’t rough around the edges, and one that’s dependable, then this masterpiece of a machine is exactly what you’re looking for.

Some of its other outstanding features include:


Most generators are designed for single use. They may do well when powering a small cabin but disappoint when used for camping, for example. Well, with the Predator 4000 generator you needn’t worry about when, and where to use it.

Whatever challenge you have waiting for this big boy, bring it on. Its adaptability and level of versatility are, to say the least, out of this world.  You can use it at home in case of sudden power cut-offs. Or you can bring it along on a hunting trip, a road trip or camping trip.

Use it to power smaller appliances like your lawnmower, coffee maker, cooker, heater, radio, and TV at home. You may also use it to provide lighting and charge essential devices on your adventure.

There’s a sense of peace and calm that comes with knowing that you can always bank on this generator whenever the need arises.

Highly Efficient

This is where most shoppers looking for generators go wrong. Many focus more on how much power a generator has and completely forget about checking to see how well it works. And of what use is power when it can do little or nothing to satisfy all your needs?

The Predator 4000 construction is designed to produce lots of power. It is, therefore, necessary that the same construction also works to support and keep the machine from running itself down. This explains an intricate 212cc OHV engine fully equipped with an air cooling system.

It has an 87+ octane unleaded gasoline tank that can keep this generator running for ten hours non-stop at 50% capacity.  The fuel tank can carry up to 4 gallons. It is designed with a self-monitoring system that automatically shuts the engine down whenever the oil levels are too low.

There’s also an indicator that blinks to alert you that you need to add more oil to keep the generator running smoothly. The generator only shuts down when you miss the alert or when you forget to add more oil once the low oil alert goes off.

For easy control, this generator has an on and off switch, circuit breakers, a control panel, and outlet receptacles. This way, you can power a 700-watt refrigerator, a 625-watt microwave, among other appliances. On average, the Predator 4000 generator can provide up to 1800 watts worth of power.

Powerful Unit

It’s easy to label a generator powerful only to find out that there’s nothing unique about it once you get to learn the details. However, this is not the case when it comes to this generator. Here, the details speak for themselves.

The Predator 4000 generator can generate a whopping 6.5 Horsepower and comfortably run appliances adding up to 3200 watts. It can support 3 prongs, 4 prongs, a 12V DC outlet, a 30A twist lock outlet, 20 A duplex outlets, and a 240V outlet. An EPA III certification is the icing on the cake, proving that this generator is legit and that it can deliver.

If you’re tired of watching your back with lower capacity generators, this Predator generator is what you need to make you forget that there’s a power outage.

Pros and Cons of the Predator 4000 Generator

There are many great things to say about the Predator 4000 generator. But truth be told, some glaring disadvantages come with owning this machine. It is crucial to equip yourself with all the necessary information so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into when buying this generator machine.

And with that, here are some of the good and the bad things that you should know about the Predator 4000 generator.


Strong and Well-Designed

Don’t be intimidated by how this generator looks. Rest assured that while it works vigorously to generate the necessary power that you need, it has been designed to accommodate you. It has a solid steel frame that shields the delicate inner workings from damage or contact with hazardous objects/materials.

The frame edges are deliberately curved to keep you safe from bumping into it. The red and black shades not only make this generator aesthetically appealing, but they also enhance its visibility in the dark.

Quick Start Mechanism

This generator is built with a recoil quick start technology. All it takes is one pull to get it roaring and running. Note that during cold weather, it may take an additional pull to get the generator up and running. While it may appear hard, it doesn’t take that much to get this generator started. Give it a try and you’ll see.

To help you maneuver, the Predator 4000 has a display panel where users can get to quickly learn how to operate it. This backup generator’s manufacturers are well aware that no one wants to spend so much time fumbling to power this machine.

Designed with your convenience, in mind, this user-friendly generator is just what you need to have a great time with loved ones in the outdoors. Now, you get to enjoy simple luxuries that only this machine can make possible.

Top Tank

To give you an easy time when refilling, this generator features a top tank. This not only makes it convenient for you, but it is a thoughtful design meant to limit spillage. Remember that the generator tends to get very hot when turned on, if you happen to accidentally spill fuel or oil on top of the tank or engine, it could lead to a fire breakout.

But you needn’t worry about this with this Predator 400 generator all thanks to the top tank and large-sized cap.

Flawless Performance

At home or in the wild outdoors, you can count on this powerful machine to last you for days. With various power outlets, it can power almost all your simple devices. In fact, besides powering household appliances and electronic devices, it is also adequate to run larger machines like a jigsaw, an orbital sander, and a table saw.

There is no room for disappointment with this one.

Easy to Maintain

If you know about the Predator series of generators, then you know that they don’t require too much attention regarding maintenance. Being an improved version, this Predator 4000 generator needs very little care and support. Most of the work entails dusting and making sure that the basic structure is sturdy.

You can agree that dusting and wiping a generator is not rocket science. And still, if you are cautious about doing it the wrong way, you can always refer to the user manual for precise directions on how to do it.

Pocket-Friendly Price

With the different uses and power capacities this generator has, anyone would assume that they’d have to dig a hole in their bank accounts to own this generator. But no, dreams do come true because you can make the Predator 4000 generator yours at no extra cost.

Compared to what you’re getting in return, anyone who has had disappointing experiences with generators can agree that this is a once in a lifetime bargain.



Weighing at 99 pounds, this machine is quite heavy for most users to lift without needing help. But when you consider the wide array of convenient features this generator possesses, its weight is only a small price to pay. Wouldn’t you rather a heavy high functioning power generator than a lightweight, poorly functioning one?

When portability is a priority for you, consider purchasing a wheel kit to help you move the machine around.

Wheel Kit is Sold Separate

A separate wheel kit may force you to go slightly over budget as it is not part of the purchase. This is a sacrifice that most people aren’t ready to make. Unless you think that you will need to continually move this generator from place to place, then a wheel kit isn’t necessary.


This generator has a sound rating of up to 70 Decibels. For most users, this is too noisy. When operational, it is advisable to place this generator a safe distance away from where you will be spending the most time.

Constant loud noise is not only annoying but could also lead to you developing problems hearing.

Deceptive Specifications

Don’t always believe the information written on the manual to be completely true. If you do, you may be disappointed to find out that the Predator 4000 generator has a 13 Amp circuit breaker and not a 20 Amp breaker as it is written on the box.

It is advisable to inspect, test, and try the generator yourself instead of going by what is written on the box or inside the manual. This way, you know what you are signing up for and also avoid disappointment.

Difficult oil Filling and Draining

Even with a well-positioned top tank, many users have complained that they find it hard to fill and drain the oil. This is because of the positioning of the cap. It is hard to access. You will, therefore, need to improvise or use the right tools to add or drain oil from the tank. Alternatively, you may have to tilt the whole machine to check the oil level.

This is a massive inconvenience considering how heavy this whole unit is.

Reasons Why You Should Buy The Predator 4000 Generator

It is Energy Efficient

A good generator is one that can find a balance by accommodating the load and increasing its speed. If not, it may end up burning more fuel than is necessary. In the long run, you may have to keep refueling even when the generator doesn’t have much to power.

The Predator 4000 is designed to use as little fuel as possible while producing adequate power to serve different purposes.

It is Durable

This machine is designed to serve you for decades and decades without developing issues or dying down on you. It has a solid steel frame to keep everything intact. It also has components that are made of high-quality materials. All these features add up to give you a high-performance machine that produces the same results year after year.

It is safe and easy to use

No machine, however convenient or advanced, is worth putting your life or well-being in danger. This generator comes with a detailed manual showing you how to operate the machine, how to maintain it, and what to do in case something suspicious happens.

There’s a straight forward control panel that is easy to operate and safety signs and precaution labels on delicate areas. For example, you may find a ‘do not touch’ sign on the engine/mortar. This serves as a warning to avoid touching the engine/mortar when it is operational. This because it can get dangerously hot and possibly cause severe burns.


Owning a good generator means knowing what to look for. The Predator 4000 generator has passed all the necessary EPA III Certifications granting you the confidence you need to trust this machine. As detailed above, this generator has more to give than any other generator in the market in the same category. Its list of advantages by far outweigh its shortcomings.

For some, a generator is an avoidable luxury, but for the greater majority, a power generator is your ticket to a stress-free time when you’re home and when you’re away from home. Wherever and whenever power is needed, you can bank on the Predator 4000 to have your back. Its ability to supply you with adequate power is unparalleled.

It is, however, important to familiarize yourself with as much information about generators before going ahead to buy one. Simple mistakes made during maintenance and when operating are enough to alter the performance of this machine. And even so, you still won’t be covered by the warranty. Remember, the warranty only replaces the machine or reimburses you when the problem is their fault.

In the long run, the Predator 4000 is a valid contender when pitted against other powerful machines in the same category. If you are ever in doubt and unable to decide whether or not this machine is it for you, this detailed Predator 4000 generator review is proof enough that this machine is worth your while and money. So go on, get yourself one, and be ready to experience convenience like never before.

Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator Review

Briggs and Stratton, founded in 1908, is one of the oldest American companies manufacturing generators and related products.

You will find a variety of generators under the Briggs and Stratton name including residential, commercial, and job site units. One of its flagship products is Briggs And Stratton Q6500.

It’s a durable generator with a steel frame that protects internal components and also suppresses noise and vibrations.

The generator is suitable for not only indoors but outdoors as well.

It’s quite powerful and can run a variety of appliances. Plus, it’s also quite light in weight and hence highly mobile.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at features of this beauty in this Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Series Inverter Generator review:

Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator Specifications:


​4 stroke OHV engine


​Recoil Manual System


​Metal, Steel open frame




​14 hours on 25% load.


​5 gallon.


​Two USB outlets, four 20V-20A GFCI-protected outlets and one 120V-240V-30A locking outlet (For RV).

​Engine Displacement



​25.53 X 21.12 X 21.43 inches


​2 years limited warranty

Brigg and Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator Features:

  • Power Packed Engine: Briggs And Stratton Q6500 incorporates a solid 4 cycle OHV engine that offers a displacement of 306 CC.The engine is well protected and comes in a steel frame enclosure which not only keeps the internal parts safe but helps reduce the noise and vibrations.
  • Power: With Briggs And Stratton Q6500, you get a starting peak power of 6500 watts that is enough to start a number of big appliances including refrigerators and even microwaves.It is also able to produce a consistent running power of 5000 watts, making it a suitable option for not only homes but offices as well.
  • Start-Mechanism: It has a recoil system which may not be as simple or easy as the electric start system but is not very difficult either.
  • Operating Time: It a 5-gallon fuel tank which offers a runtime of 14 hours at 25% load. You can even run more appliances and sleep peacefully thanks to the excellent run-time offered by this beauty.
  • Noise: It’s not super quiet but not very loud either. At 25% load, it produces 66 dB of noise which is acceptable considering the amount of power it delivers.
  • Safety Features: The generator comes equipped with a voltage regulator that helps gauge voltage. It also has circuit breakers for added security. Moreover, there is also an oil shutdown feature that shuts the engine off when the oil is low.These safety features make the unit safer and more reliable.


  • ​Comes in a shell that can be effective in reducing noise.
  • ​Offers 2-year warranty.
  • ​Power meter helps keep an eye on power
  • ​Is RV-ready, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • ​EPA approved.


  • ​Not CARB compliant.
  • ​Releases carbon monoxide.

Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator ​: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Q. What kind of appliances can I run with Briggs And Stratton Q6500?

Ans. You can run power-hungry appliances including washing machines, dryers, irons, LCDs, ACs, microwaves, etc.

Just make sure to keep the total consumption under 5000 watts.

Q. Can I increase power? 

Ans. It is not possible to increase power as it does not have the parallel capability feature.

Q. Is carbon monoxide bad for health?

Ans. Yes, it is. Carbon monoxide can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be lethal. This is why you must keep a good distance (25 meters) from the unit while it’s operational. Moreover, do not keep plants or pets close to it.

Q. How will I know when to add fuel?

Ans. There’s a fuel meter attached on the unit that monitors the amount of fuel left in the tank. Keep an eye on it to gauge for fuel. This will keep you updated on when to add fuel so that the unit can keep running.


Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator is quite powerful with some kickass features. It might be a bit noisy and heavy but such issues are easy to deal with.

Get your hands on it if you need a powerful generator that’s safe and easy to use.

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Generator Review

Briggs and Stratton is known to produce viable portable generators that pack great features and quality. The 30651 P2200 Powersmart inverter generator is one of them. 

This beauty is a perfect combination of efficiency, portability, and reliability.

It’s a quiet generator that is suitable for both home and outdoor use.

You will get excellent power, runtime, and quality when you have the P2200 Powersmart to run your appliances.

Let’s find out more about the generator in this Powersmart Inverter Generator review:

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Powersmart Inverter Generator Specifications


​111cc OHV Engine


​Recoil system


​(2) 120v electric outlets and (1) 12v DC plug





​Fuel tank

​1 gallon


​54.6 pounds


​22.4 x 14.4 x 19.9 inches


​8 hours on 25% load


​No wheels

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Powersmart Inverter Generator Features:

Power: This generator offers 1700 running watts. However, thanks to starting watts of 2200W, it is able to support some bigger appliances as well but they should only require a maximum of 1700 consistent watts.

It is not the most powerful generator out there, but it’s enough to run small appliances like blenders, lights, etc. It’s made to carry along when you go on trips so that you have no trouble during your trip.

LED System: The unit has an LED system that makes maintenance easier. It has 3 LED lights, each telling a different generator status.

The first light displays the current status of the generator.

The second light indicates an overload

The third light tells about oil

Thanks to this system, you do not have to worry about manually check oil or voltage. The light can help you make decisions and allow you to keep the system well-maintained.

Runtime: Despite a small 1-gallon tank, the unit can run for about 8 hours at 25% load. Increasing the load will reduce the run-time, hence we suggest you control the number of appliances you operate on the unit if you want to enjoy a good run-time

Noise: One of the biggest advantages of this generator is its ability to work quietly. It produces a noise of 59 dB only when kept at a distance of 23 feet. However, the noise increases when the load exceeds 25%.

This portable generator will provide you a good night's sleep by allowing you to run an electric fan and a bulb for 8 continuous hours. You will not have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to add fuel, etc.

Parallel Connection: It is one of the few smaller generators to offer parallel connection capability. This feature lets you connect two similar generators to double power and also increase the number of outlets.

This is a great option if you have more appliances to run or run for longer hours. Connecting the two generators is easy and requires no expertise.

Starting System: It might not have an electric start mechanism but the recoil system isn’t much difficult to use as well. The cord is smooth and doesn’t require a lot of strength to kick start the unit.

This is especially because the unit is small, so you do not need a lot of strength to pull the cord. However, if it’s on the ground then you may have to bend a little to do the job.

Outlets: The generator has two 120v electric outlets to run home appliances and one 12v DC plug to charge sensitive devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc.

There’s a separate port to make a parallel connection and increase the wattage power from 2200W to 4400W.

Easy Carry Handle: The unit has an H-handle design that makes it easier to carry it from place to place. Plus, with a weight of 54.6 pounds only, it’s a breeze to carry.

Warranty: The company offers 2-year consumer warranty and 1-year commercial warranty.

Efficiency: The engine inside the generator is computer controlled and can adjust to various speeds depending on the load. This helps keep the noise low and safe energy.

It will not be entirely wrong to state that the engine is smart and also economical.

Safe For Sensitive Appliances: No matter how powerful a generator is, things can go south if it is not meant to support sensitive appliances such as phones, computers, tablets, etc.

Briggs & Stratton P2200 features less than 3% harmonic distortion. Hence, you can charge all kinds of appliances without any trouble or risk.

Drain Off Tray: Oil replacement is very easy thanks to the presence of a tray that helps prevent oil from spilling on to the ground.

Super Lo-Tone Muffler: The muffler plays a vital role in reducing the noise.


  • ​2-year warranty.
  • ​The drain tray makes it easy to change the oil.
  • ​Safe for sensitive gadgets (less than 3% harmonic distortion).
  • List Element


  • ​Not suitable for long trips or to power bigger appliances.

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Portable generator FAQS

Q. Can I use the P3000 model or P2200 model in parallel connection?

Ans. Yes, you can. You will, however, need to buy a parallel kit separately to do so.

Q. How to prevent the unit from getting stolen as it’s so light?

Ans. You can buy a bike lock and connect the unit to a pole for safety.

Q. Does it provide clean electricity?

Ans. As seen in the name, the generator uses inverter technology which makes it safe for all kinds of appliances.

The Bottomline:

​Briggs & Stratton P2200 Portable generator might not be the most powerful generator on the market but it is portable and safe to use.

It produces little to no noise and has great features that make it easy to operate and maintain,