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Top 10 Solar Tube Reviews : Buying Guide

If you're looking for solar tube reviews, you've come to the right place. Like you, we're believers of taking advantage of the natural light the sun provides. 

Solar tubes has many names. They're known as "light tube," "tubular skylight," "sun tunnel," "sun tube" and many others, but they have the same purpose: to use a sheet metal tube (in varying diameters) with polished interior that allows the light of the sun to pass through the roof and into the home. 

Connected to the metal tube (outdoors on the roof) is a weather-proof plastic globe, while the other end of the tube (in the ceiling indoors) is equipped with a diffuser that spreads the light in a dramatic white glow inside the house. 

Although it is similar to the traditional rectangular sunlight, a solar tube is a much cheaper alternative and offers better flexibility to different house and roof layouts. 

Want to learn which one you need? Here are the best options available in the market today...

Most Affordable 


  • 25 years warranty
  • Provides ample lighting for most rooms
  • Affordability make it possible to add more solar tube kits

Most Versatile


natural light energy systems solar sky light kit
  • Modern design
  • Easy installation
  • Equivalent of up to 500 watts

Most Heavy Duty


velux sun tunnel tubular skylight
  • Provides over 90% of sunlight indoors
  •  20 years warranty
  • Super-strong components

10 Best Solar Tube Reviews

 natural light 10-inch tubular skylight kit for flat roof
  • Illuminates up to 150 square feet area
  • Equivalent of up to 300 watts
  • Hurricane-tested

Natural Light's 10-inch tubular skylight is perfect for those living in areas often passed by hurricanes. In fact, aside from being NFRC-certified for Energy Efficiency, this brand passes Florida code requirements with flying colors.

This kit is beginner-friendly: It includes 4 feet of tubing and even sealant. The materials are high quality, which is a big deal, because you won't have to replace the solar tube too quickly down the road.

Probably the most common issue with Natural Light's tubular skylight kit is the type of flashing chosen. While the brand uses big and heavy gauge aluminum, choosing the right type will prevent potential leaking. If you're not sure, Natural Light's customer support is super helpful, so call them for flashing recommendation.



  • Some types of roof require professional installation (and additional fees that go with it)
us sunlight solar 1914st radiant skylight tube
  • Made of hail-resistant materials
  • Designed for asphalt shingle roof
  • Installation possible for both professionals and DIY-ers

If you have low-pitched asphalt shingle or fiberglass shingle type of roof,  this 14-inch solar tube with low-profile flashing from Radiant Skylight lets you add up to 90% of light transmitted from the roof lens down to your desired indoor space. 

This US Sunlight solar tube kit consists of 6 feet of flex tube attached to the skylight and a round, single diffuser. Contrary to what the instruction pamphlet says, there are about 8 feet of flexible tube, which is more than enough for most installations. In fact, many say the provided tube is longer than you'd need, so prepare to cut to fit your set-up. 

There is no need for major reframing, structural changes or renovations, but know that if your ceiling is low, the light would look more of a spotlight. The way to counter this is to add additional tubes nearby to "spread" light horizontally.


  • No need for major renovation
  • 1- to 2-hour installation
  • Can withstand extreme weather like hail


  • Black-painted flashing may not be to everyone's liking
natural light energy systems solar sky light kit
  • 13-inch model illuminates up to 300 square feet space
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Equivalent of up to 500 watts

Another one from Natural Light, this 13-inch solar tube model is designed with black flashing, 4 feet of tubing and a domed prismatic interior diffuser, which perfectly fits fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof types. 

Like most solar tubes on this list, installation of this model is possible even for beginners. Of course, there will be a learning curve (especially if you're used to skylights than light tubes), but once you've installed one on your roof, the next one would be much easier. It could even bring in light from the moon at nighttime. 

Note that because the included flashing is designed for pitched Fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof applications only, you have to buy Turret extensions or tile roof flashing kits (sold separately) if needed. 

The protective plastic of the Natural Light Energy Systems 13kxxx 13" Solar Sky Light Kit is a common complaint, but if you remove it before beginning installation, it won't become an issue near the end of the install.


  • Hurricane-tested
  • High quality roof and exterior components
  • Comes with tools, sealant and hardware needed out of the box
  • 25 years warranty


  • Only 4 feet of tubing included
velux sun tunnel tubular skylight
  • Energy Star labeled
  • Can be extended with additional tubular skylight (sold separately)
  • 20-year tunnel warranty

This 10-inch, double-strength, acrylic sun tunnel tubular skylight comes with low-profile flashing, which provides the elegant and modern appeal from the roof. This set-up results to up to 98% additional lighting mainly thanks to the newly-added 99.99% silver reflective layer. 

The VELUX 10-inch sun tunnel tubular skylight was made for shake or shingle roofs with 15 to 60 degree pitch. 

This kit is definitely heavy-duty with high-quality components. The downside to this is that installation won't be "under two hours" as advertised. Setting it up would take more time (due to the tunnel's strength and weight), but it is doable even if you're doing it yourself. Plus, it includes a scaled dimensional layout of the hole.


  • Exceptional customer support
  • Double strength
  • High-efficiency without additional cost


  • Professional installation can be expensive
odl tubular skylight kit
  • Ideal for those looking for a complete solar tube kit
  • Includes lens diffuser, trim ring and leak-proof flashing
  • Installs under an hour

ODL's 10-inch solar tube kit is one of the most-complete kits in this list. It has everything you need, such as a trim ring, flashing and lens diffuser (that helps in scattering light or spotlighting in a specific area). It is also equipped with ODL-patented solar lens and the brand's adjustable skylight tube with elegant-looking mirror finish.  

Because this kit comes with flat aluminum flashing, some people may need to order the kit for flat roofs. This is an important consideration to ensure your solar tube fits your existing roof without the need for framing, dry-walling or re-painting. 

The best thing about the ODL 10-inch Tubular Skylight Kit being an old model is that there are a lot of useful tips from fellow owners.


  • Easy to install
  • Complete solar tube kit
  • 48 inches of adjustable tube included


  • Not the newest model in the market (released in 2004)
natural light, tubular skylight kit
  • Lights up to 300 square feet
  • Ideal for asphalt type roof
  • Hurricane-tested

This 13-inch solar tube model from Natural Light is equipped with flat roof flashing (perfect for asphalt-type roof installations), high-impact acrylic dome, and hurricane-tested tubes and other components.

Illuminating up to 300 square feet of space, which is an equivalent of about 500 watts, this set-up will dramatically brighten up a kitchen, cabinet, entryway, or any other areas that used to be "blind spots."

And like other Natural Light solar tubes, you can choose to custom powder-coat the flashing to match your roof color.


  • Energy Star-qualified (could qualify for tax credits)
  • 25 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Easy to install, even sealer is included
  • Solid instruction manual


  • Fingerprints easily gets onto the mirror-like finish, so be careful during installation
solatube 290ds daylighting system skylight
  • From one of the older solar tube brands in the market
  • Illuminates up to 300 square feet of space
  • Flexible to accommodate many roof types

Solatube's 14-inch Daylighting System Skylight is composed of an acrylic dome, Vusion diffuser, pitched metal flashing, top and bottom tubes, as well as sealant and fastener to put everything in place. Plus, the light deflector included in the Solatube kit gives you some control of the type of light brought into the house. 

The tube is 30 feet long, which is pretty long for most houses, so you might need to cut it down to fit your specific needs. 

Solatube has been providing a power-saving option to homeowners for decades now, so you'd have more information about its solar tubes than any other brands in the market.


  • Effect filter available (sold separately by Solatube)
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Completely USA Made


  • Might need professional install for tricky set-ups
14 in. sun tunnel tubular skylight
  • Power-saving solution for homes with many rooms
  • Tube that expands to six or eight feet
  • Features low-profile flashing for pitched fiberglass asphalt single o shake-type roofs

Velux America's 14-inch model sun tunnel has all the components you need to bring the sunlight into your home for cheap. This kit includes exterior dome, roof flashing, 8 feet of tubing, and interior diffuser, which dramatically helps in spreading light output more evenly.

Like other solar tubes, there's a possibility that insects get through the lens. What's great about this Velux sun tunnel is it makes it easy for you to clean the lens with just a twist on the trim ring's lock. It's an underrated, but much-appreciate feature.


  • Easy to install, even for beginners
  • Additional tubing can be purchased from Velux
  • Quick twist cleaning


  • Light is on the cool side (may be a problem if you're after something warmer)
odl ez14scanh 14" tubular skylight
  • Illuminates a room up to 300 square feet
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Made for asphalt roofs

ODL's 14-inch tubular skylight kit is a massive-looking sun tunnel. You might get intimidated at first, but when you're inside a home with this model installed, there's a good chance you'll get wowed by the 48-inch, highly reflective tubing that delivers the sun's light from the UV-protected acrylic dome down to your room. 

Positioning the ODL Tubular Skylight kit properly is important, unless of course if you live in an area where cloudy days are more often than not.


  • Polyethylene flashing
  • Dome constructed with ODL-patented optics
  • Choice of DIY installation or professional installation


  • Must be careful in sealing the seam of tubes (to prevent air and insects from coming in)
natural light tubular skylight 18
  • Illuminates up to 500 square feet
  • Sunlight brought in is equivalent to 1000-watt of light bulb
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial installation

Natural Light's 18-inch tubular skylight was designed for use on pitched Fiber-glass asphalt shingle roofs. Aside from the massive size, what's great about this model is that the highly-reflective tubing doesn't crack, peel, delaminate or turn yellow. 

This model of Natural Light also features a heavy-duty acrylic dome, seamless commercial grade powder-coated black aluminum flashing, a diffuser, and ceiling trim ring. 

Installation is as easy as most of the best solar tubes here, but because of the size of Natural Light's 18-inch tubular skylight, you could probably do the setup without a professional’s help only if you have some help.


  • Comes with 25 years warranty
  • Light tube is crack-proof and stain-proof
  • Produces massive amounts of light


  • Doesn't accommodate metal roofing

Factors to Consider When Buying  Solar Tubes

Almost every solar tube in the market looks alike, but just like many solar products, every tiny component makes a huge difference. As such, choosing the solar tube kit should depend on the following considerations:

  • Budget - Professionally installed solar tubes cost an average $750, which is a lot cheaper than the average $2k skylight. But if you know how to work your way around the roof and you can install the solar tube on your own, you could find kits sold for around $300.
  • Light needed per square feet - Solar tubes are usually placed in rooms and areas of the house that require constant light, such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, or stairways. It can also be used for laundry rooms or walk-in closets. As such, you have to know how big a solar tube you'll need for the room intended. Generally, a 10-inch tube can light up a 200-square feet space since it is equivalent to 3 bulbs of 100-watt each.
  • Roof type - Not all solar tubes can work with any type of roof. If your roof has slope between 15 to 60 degrees, you'll need a solar tube with flashing (this is usually included in most kits). Also consider the material of your roof, since most solar tube kits were designed for asphalt shingles, but they would also work with tile or metal roofing as long as you get flashing adapters.
  • Location of the solar tube - The spot where you install the light tube will affect how much light it brings indoors. A globe is recommended to be installed southwest of the roof for best light source possible.
  • Weather and climate - Solar tubes can work in both hot and cold climates, but problematic areas are those that suffer from heavy snow (could cause cracking of the dome), or high humidity (could lead to condensation inside the tube). There are hurricane-proof solar tubes, but you have to make sure the dome is made of polycarbonate.

If you're planning to bring the solar tube through multiple levels, it is possible, but may require professional installation (especially if you have no idea how to go through HVAC, wiring or plumbing).

Wrap Up: Which is the Best Solar Tube for My Home?

These solar tube reviews are a great start if you’re looking for the perfect model, but you have to understand that the best solar tube for you depends on your lighting needs. For example, if you’re trying to bring light into a tiny space, the budget-friendly Natural Light 10-inch Tubular Skylight Kit for Flat Roof can be a good choice. 

If you have a more complicated set-up such as multi-levels, rooms bigger than 300 square feet, extensive HVAC systems, then the best solar tube kits for you are the ones that would meet your requirements. For example, the VELUX 10" Double Strength Acrylic Rigid Low-Profile Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight would fit most households that are currently undergoing roof renovations, while the Natural Light Energy Systems 13kxxx 13" Solar Sky Light Kit is best for rooms small enough to need just one solar tube unit, but big enough that a 10-inch model wouldn’t cut it. 

Once you do find a solar tube perfect for your requirements, there's a big possibility that you won't ever go back to the time when you haven't taken advantage of the sun.

10 Best Solar Attic Fan Models

If you're looking for the best solar attic fan, you're probably one among hundreds of people faced with the burden of a super-hot attic. 

It's a common problem, especially since most HVAC systems focus on cooling living areas of a house. All is well and good, until of course summer arrives and the attic is taking the brunt of the heat. This is problematic because of two things: 

  • If you're using the attic as someone's bedroom or a storage room, it may not be livable during super-hot months.
  • If you leave the attic virtually empty all year-round, you may not notice this issue. However, you might notice that your HVAC system is working extra-hard or even producing less cold air.

One way to solve this is to replace or upgrade your HVAC system, but it can be a huge investment to do so. Installing a solar attic fan is actually a more affordable and efficient fix. Check out 10 of the best solar attic fan brands we've handpicked for you...

Most Affordable 


  • Very customizable with different sizes and options available
  • Affordable
  • Effective once installed

Most Attractive


broan 345so attic ventilator
  • Made of heavy-duty plastics and metals
  • Innovative and flat design (no bulky equipment on your roof)
  • Fully weatherproof

Most Featured-packed


Amtrak 14-inch Solar Attic Fan
  • Huge fan blade and housing for its size
  • 40-watt solar panel provides ventilation for spaces up to 2250 square feet
  • All parts USA made

10 Best Solar Attic Fan Models of 2019

Ventilation in the attic helps by pushing hot air out and pulling cooler air in, while properly circulating air inside. The solar attic fan removes stuffy, stale and unhealthy air from your attic without spending additional money on electricity.

In general, solar attic fans can easily be installed, if you know your way around a drill, saw and screwdriver. But if you find your roofing, wiring, or HVAC system complicated and would rather a professional install the solar attic fan for you, you have an option to hire a pro anytime.

natural light 36-watt solar attic fan
  • Arizona-based company, but Germany-made motor
  • 25-year warranty on solar panel and motor
  • Fully operational straight off the box

Natural Light 12-watt solar attic fan simply works. It can easily improve ventilation of a space up to 1,260 square feet. While this varies depending on local climate, that's still pretty powerful, considering the fan runs from free solar energy. This gorgeous-looking solar attic fan operates at up to 893 cfms to reduce the load of your air-conditioning system. 

The kit includes a high impact photovoltaic solar panel housed on a leak-proof aluminum. Underneath, it is powered by a DC motor, which you'll notice is a lot more quieter than any of your plugged HVAC systems. Natural Light makes a thermostat and fire safety switch available (for an extra fee) if you wish to add them to your solar attic fan.


  • Equipped with stainless-steel mesh to keep rodents away
  • Super quiet motor
  • High quality build with weatherproofed aluminum housing


  • Professional installation costs $200 or more (varies between provider and location)
 iliving smart exhaust solar roof attic exhaust fan
  • Available in different sizes and options for add-on features
  • Provides ventilation for up to 2000 square feet of space
  • Ideal for roof, greenhouse, attic, side of the house, RV, boats and so on
  • 15-year warranty for motor

iLIVING's Smart Exhaust solar roof attic fan features a 20-watt adjustable polycrystalline solar panel. It runs with an IP68 waterproof brushless motor, which operates as quietly as a typical oscillating fan. 

This model comes built-in smart thermostat control 65-130f with enable/disable feature. There are extra fees involved, but if you want your fan to have an on/off switch, screen guard or non-stop running AC power supply, you can choose these options when checking out.


  • Sleek-looking, all-black design
  • Adjustable solar panel (goes from 0° to 15° and 30° to 45°)
  • Well thought of add-on options


  • Installation issues may occur (due to size details and accessories included)
gbgs solar attic fan
  • Flexible solar panels (can be moved in various directions)
  • 10 to 25 years warranty on parts
  • Auto on/off motor

The GBGS solar attic fan is designed to help replace stale and hot indoor air with cold air from outdoors during summer months, then remove indoor moisture during winter without the need for additional HVAC units. It is designed to automatically turn on the motor when temperature reaches 77°F and automatically shut off once the temperature cools down to 65°F.

Equipped with a 20-watt solar panel, this GBGS solar attic fan can adjust 90 degrees horizontally (thanks to the bracket included), and adjust its position against the sun from 0/15/30/45 degrees. Its IP68 waterproof, 24-volt brushless motor delivers enough power without the noise that usually befalls motors of its size.


  • Motor protection with auto on/off feature
  • Nylon-fiber aluminum fan blades
  • Ventilates up to 1,750 cubic feet per minute (CFM)


  • Only for roof and similar surface
broan 345so attic ventilator
  • Provides ventilation for up to 537 cubic feet per minute
  • Impressively designed and well-built
  • Fully weatherproof

The BROAN 345SO may look tiny, but it is one of the prettiest solar attic fans in the market today.  It was designed with a 28-watt, tempered glass solar panel housed in a UV-stabilized, rugged ABS plastic that can impressively withstand the strongest winds, hail, or storm. 

One small, yet important detail, is the aluminum gauge screen that keeps birds, insects and small animals out of the fan. It's also made of aluminum, so you know it's going to last in keeping airflow free from blockage.


  • Heavy-duty plastic can be painted
  • Rust-resistant, weatherproof solar panels
  • Easy installation
  • Optional thermostat available
  • Unobtrusive roof installation


  • Non-adjustable solar panels
remington solar attic fan
  • Equipped with noise-dampening technology
  • Built-in thermostat and humidistat

Remington's solar attic fan is a rectangular-shaped all-black roof mount with a stylish design and simple, yet durable parts. It is made with a quiet brushless 24-volt DC Motor, which is powered up by solar power gathered by the 30-watt polycrystalline solar panel. 

This Remington model was designed to ventilate up to 1550 CFM for 2500 square-feet attics. 

The cool thing about the Remington solar attic fan is that it already pre-installed the thermostat and humidistat out of the box. Compared to other brands that make these optional (with around $50 value each), adding these parts save you some money. Plus, it is built with noise-dampening technology as well.


  • Beginner-friendly, one-hour installation
  • Built-in thermostat comes free of charge
  • Quiet operation


  • Only 12 month limited warranty
Amtrak 14-inch Solar Attic Fan
  • Ideal for RV, garage, greenhouse or Gabel vent
  • Brand backed with 30 years of solar power experience
  • Built in the USA

With Amtrak's solar-powered attic fan, you don't need to worry about ventilating the stuffy air in your attic. It powers up once it gets too hot in the attic, then shuts down when no longer needed. 

The Amtrak solar attic fan is built with 40-watt solar panel, thermal-protected motor and a 10-inch high efficiency fan blades made by renowned fan-blade manufacturer Revor.  All these components work together effectively in providing ventilation for areas up to 2250 square feet. 

And if you're going to install this on your own, you'd be pleased to know that the Z-brackets included in the pack are already pre-drilled for your bolts and screws. Interested in built-in thermostat? This can be free too, but you'd need to request it first.


  • Large 14-inch fan housing
  • Quick-connect wires and pre-drilled brackets for easy installation
  • 25 feet of wire included in the box
  • Can be installed open louver


  • 10-inch Fan blade may look awkwardly small against its big housing
eco-worthy 25w solar powered vent fan
  • Auto on/off operation
  • Flexible placement - works on roof and everywhere else
  • Expandable (if you want)

If you know your way around solar panels, this ECO-WORTHY solar-powered fan can be a very good option for you. Not only can you place this on your attic, gable roof vent, greenhouse, and any other spots in or outside your home, this kit is also flexible enough for you to add more panels (or fans) if needed. 

ECO-WORTHY's solar vent fan includes a 25-watt fan, high efficiency brushless motor and 30-watt solar panel that you can fold (if you have a small space) or extend (up to 37.2 × 18.6 inch) to have more sunlight coverage. On paper, the ECO-WORTHY solar-powered fan is supposed to ventilate areas up to 1960 cubic feet per minute, but many report it is near the 1000 CFM mark.


  • 5-year solar panel warranty
  • Fan can operate at low voltage (as low as 4 volts)
  • Comes with 6 brackets, 16 feet cables, bolts and screws for installation


  • Only 1-year motor warranty
solar blaster solar roof vent
  • Tiny solar-powered attic fan
  • Manual quality-tested before shipped
  • Used on roof, greenhouse, sheds, garages, containers, RV, and so on

If you're not a fan of huge systems on your roof due to its bulky appearance, or if your roof cannot handle any heavy components installed, the Solar Blaster roof vent fans could be your solution. They're small enough to not add much weight or obstruction in view from your roof.

Solar Blaster's solar-powered roof and attic ventilation fans feature a 3-watt solar panel (25-year rated) on top of a square-shaped high-quality leak-proof housing. There's also the 50k-hour rated fan with two-ball bearing and 1/8-inch mesh screen to keep insects and pests away from the vents.

The advantage to this kind of solar attic fan is that it's a set-and-forget equipment, but it also means there would be less control since you'd just let the fan "do its thing" whenever temperature increases


  • 5-year warranty
  • USA-based family business
  • Super-small footprint
  • No need to access attic during installation


  • May need more than one unit to provide ventilation to bigger spaces
hqst solar powered attic fan with adjustable solar panel
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • All-in-one unit (no wiring, cables needed)
  • Built with durable, weatherproofed materials

If you like the design of Solar Blaster, but don't have the funds to buy two or more units, this HQST solar-powered attic fan should be the model you're looking for. It can be installed on most sloped or flat roof types, whether it's concrete tile, wood, asphalt shingle, metal, or slate.

Designed with an all-black, durable aluminum housing, The HQST solar attic fan is comprised of the 15-watt polycrystalline solar panel placed perfectly on top. Hidden under the panel is the 12-inch fan and 1P68-rated brushless DC motor.


  • Snap-on thermostat is available as an add-on
  • Solar panels are adjustable
  • Automatic light control
  • Quiet operation


  • One unit of this HQST solar attic fan can only ventilate an area of 1076 square feet max
natural light ultra low-profile 24-watt solar attic fan
  • Popular solar panel manufacturer
  • Built using commercial-grade materials
  • Ideal for small homes with Fiberglass-Asphalt shingle roofs

Natural Light's smaller solar attic fan is for those who prefer style with function. Its ultra low profile makes it a good option, especially with the black powder-coated aluminum housing and black background, if you're not a fan of big and bulky equipment on top of your house. 

What's great about this model is that even if it's obviously a well-designed solar fan, it is also solidly built with useful features. It is equipped with a 24-watt solar module and 17-volt motor, which has a venting capacity of up to 2100 square feet of attic space per fan. And because all the wires and cables are already built into this kit, installation is user-friendly and hassle-free. 

Natural Light also has an impressive 25-year warranty for all the parts. Yes, motor, solar panels, fan, the works. You'd get your money's worth way before any damage occurs to your solar attic fan.


  • Unobtrusive, ultra-low profile
  • Could withstand hurricane-level winds
  • No-wiring installation


  • Fire safety and thermostat switch available (but sold separately)

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Attic Fan

When choosing between the best solar attic fan for your home, take note of these several considerations:

  • Space availability - Some of these fans are small and portable, but others can be as huge as HVAC systems. The good news though is manufacturers will state the square footage needed for a particular make and model, so know your available space in the attic to see if the solar attic fan you plan to buy is best for you.
  • Solar attic fan parts
  •  Motor - Solar attic fans should have powerful motors to be able to perform efficiently. 
  • Solar panel - What kind of solar panel is incorporated into the solar attic fan? Make sure to check how powerful the panel or panels are. Ideally, look out for those with around 20 to 30 watts. Another feature you should look out for when it comes to solar panels is an adjustable setup that lets you pivot the panels or position for better sunlight coverage. 
  • Materials used - Because you'll be placing the solar attic fan near the roof outdoors, the model you buy should be weather-resistant. Check materials used for the solar attic fan and make sure it is built with rust- and corrosion-free stainless steel, high quality plastics, and metallic blades. 
  • Thermostat options - If you want to be able to control fan temperature or attach a thermostat, there are solar attic fans that could accommodate these requirements.
  • Other features - Other features such as adjustable fan speed may not be present on all kinds of solar attic fans, but you can either watch out for this specific feature or have it custom-made.
  • Local weather - Consider the climate and weather your area suffers throughout the year. Do you get intense winds? snow storms? all-sun? Find a "weatherproofed" solar attic fan based on your area's weather and climate.

Cost and warranty should also be a consideration, especially if you're looking for a long-term solution to high temperatures in your attic. 

Wrap Up: Which is the Best Solar Attic Fan for My Home?

All the solar attic fans we’ve handpicked for this list can be effective for your space. 

But here’s our top three: iLIVING Smart Exhaust Solar Roof Attic Fan for those on a budget, BROAN 345SO Attic Ventilator if you think design should be second-priority to efficiency, and the Amtrak 14 inch Solar Attic Fan for those who want to use a solar attic fan beyond their roofs.  

One of the most important things to know about solar attic fans is that there is no “best solar attic fan” for everyone. A particular brand and make may be perfect for your neighbor’s greenhouse, but will be the worst choice for your 2,000-square feet attic. And this definitely does not mean the product is worthless or ineffective.

The best solar attic fan for your home is the unit that can accommodate the space you need to cool down. And if you can’t find any solar attic fan big enough for your needs, it could mean that you might have a better chance of you bought two or more of your chosen solar attic fan

12 Best Solar Flood Lights

The solar flood lights work by absorbing the sun's energy and using it to light up an outdoor area effectively once the sun goes down. 

If you decided to go with a solar flood light over traditional wired fixtures, you're off to a good start. Getting free energy from the sun is a pretty compelling reason to go the solar route. On top of this, since you won't need electricity as a power source, you can install the flood light anywhere the sun can reach, and even reinstall it somewhere else. 

In addition, you save money and the environment for using renewable energy instead of electricity. 

After scouring the web for the best of the best solar flood lights, we compiled 12 models you should check out. Note that solar flood lights come in various forms, so you might find some all-in-one units with the battery, solar panel and lighting fixture built into one casing, and solar flood light kits with separate devices (motion sensor, solar panel, battery, light fixture, etc.) that are connected by a cable.

Most Affordable 


LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights with 3 Optional Modes

litom original outdoor solar lights
  • Full-sized solar flood lights
  • 3 modes of brightness and sensor allow customization
  • 270-degree lighting angle
  • Super affordable, ideal for entry to solar flood lights

Most Feature-packed


CINOTON Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

cinoton solar flood lights
  • Unique satellite-shaped design
  • Small, but boasts powerful bright lights
  • Dimmed light at night, but brightens up more when motion-activated

Most Hassle-free


BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless

baxia technology bx-sl-101 solar lights
  • Comes in pack of 4
  • Impressively bright light for a solar flood light this size
  • ON/OFF solar mode
  • Amazon’s bestseller

​Top 12 Solar Flood Light Reviews in 2020

luposwiten solar lights outdoor
  • 4.8-watt solar panel
  • 3.7V 2600mAh batteries
  • 100 LED with 2000 lumens brightness
  • Features motion sensor

This Luposwiten set is designed perfectly for outdoor use because it is waterproof, features 100 LED lights, has motion sensor, and with all components enclosed in one casing. 

Because this set of solar flood lights are built into a single casing, there's no fancy installations needed. You can even use double-sided tape to mount a unit onto an outdoor wall - no screws and drilling needed. 

What's cool about Luposwiten's solar flood lights is that no customer really expects much from it, considering its very low price for a pack of 4, but they definitely deliver when it comes to the brightness of white LED lights and accuracy of motion sensors. The light is comparable to a 60- to 75-watt incandescent light bulb. Once the motion sensor kicks in, the light stays on for about 30 seconds, which is enough to scare intruders away from your home. 

The Luposwiten outdoor solar lights is IP65 waterproof and heat-resistant. It charges even on cloudy days and places with indirect sunshine. 

It's okay that this unit has no dusk-to-dawn sensor, but settings are non-existent. It would have been a good feature to have the ability to adjust how long lights stay on after motion sensors set them off.


  • IP 65 waterproof
  • Value for money (set of 4 for the price)
  • 125° detection range motion sensors
  • Works even with indirect sun


  • Not enough settings/customization
urpower solar lights wireless
  • 4x5-inch solar lights
  • Designed with 8 LED lights
  • IP64 Waterproof, heatproof and extreme weather resistant
  • Over 5 years solar panel lifespan

URPOWER solar light is an all-in-one outdoor solar flood light with motion sensor. 

Don't be fooled by its size. Even if each unit measures just 4-inch by 5-inch, it could easily light all corners of your backyard when it detects motion. 

Every single solar light is equipped with 8 LED lights that produce a bluish-white hue. The 8-beaded lights never flicker, which is always a good sign that the LED lights are high quality. URPOWER guarantees that the solar panel could last up to 50,000 hours (about 5 years). 

Its motion sensor automatically turns on at night when motion is detected 10 feet away or around a 120-degree angle of its location. The light then keeps bright for the next 30 seconds and turns off automatically. 

Although the suggested charging time on the box says "2 to 3 days," the solar panel (located at the upper part of the flood lights) needs only a day's worth of sun to charge and work seamlessly at night. After a full day of charging from direct sunlight, these solar flood lights could provide up to 12 hours of lighting. 

If there's no spot outdoors with direct sunlight, don't worry. These URPOWER solar flood lights would still work even if they were charged on cloudy days or at indirect lights.


  • Comes with 4 solar flood lights
  • Impressive light output for its size
  • Very affordable
  • Equipped with master on/off switch


  • No dim feature
litom original outdoor solar lights
  • 3 Modes to Customize Brightness and Sensor
  • FFC-certified, high-powered LED lights
  • 270-degree lighting angle
  • Motion sensor detects up to 36 feet

LITOM has several solar flood lights, but this 'Original' version is designed quite nicely. First off, the LED lights are wrapped around the casing, which allows the for 270-degree lighting coverage area. So even if the solar flood light only has 24 LED beams per unit, the light feels three times brighter. 

Another impressive feature of the LITOM Original outdoor solar lights is the optional modes, which definitely shows off the advanced PIR motion sensor: 

  • The first setting gives off a medium light mode and has motion sensors disabled.
  • The second setting gives off dim lighting, but gives a brighter light when motion sensors detect something/someone moving.
  • The third setting gives off low lighting with no movement, but becomes much brighter once motion sensors set it off.

The solar panels used for the LITOM Original are authentic and can be used for over 30,000 hours. It is also IP65 waterproof, which means it could easily withstand rain, now, heat, or any other extreme weather. 

Unlike most solar flood lights, this LITHON Original solar lights can brighten up a particular space for oven 24 hours at dim lighting mode, or about 2 hours of regular lighting mode.


  • Wide-angle design lightens up broader space
  • 3 optional modes allow you to adjust brightness/dimness and motion
  • Easy to install and move
  • Quick charging


  • Only lights up for 20 seconds
cinoton solar flood lights
  • Super-bright solar flood lights
  • 50,000 Hours LED Span Life
  • 3 Lighting modes
  • Features motion sensors

Just one look at this satellite-looking solar flood lights and you know it's going to illuminate areas of your home efficiently. While you might feel disappointed at how small it actually is in person - it's just the size of a Coke in can, this disappointment will quickly disappear once you set it up and test it out. 

CINOTON’s solar flood lights were designed with 30-piece LED bulbs (7 on each side and 14 in the middle), providing an impressive 360-degree illumination. All three parts can be rotated independently, so you have total control in adjusting the angles you want. 

The CINOTON solar flood lights automatically turn on with dim light at night and completely off at sunrise.  These are also equipped with built-in motion sensors that can detect movement up to 26 feet away with a 120-degree range. When motion is detected at night, the dimmed lighting turns bright for about 30 seconds before going back to its normal dim mode. 

Recharging the CINOTON solar flood lights is similar to most make and models: just give it several hours under the sun for the initial charge, then try it out as the sun goes down. The good thing about CINOTON's solar flood lights is that it has a 2000mAh, built-in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery to store solar energy.


  • 360-degree rotatable LED lights
  • Energy-efficient motion sensors
  • Small-sized, but powerful lights
  • Easy to install, setup and operate


  • Plastic material
sunforce 82080 motion light
  • Two-piece solar flood light kit
  • Amorphous solar panel
  • 30-feet motion detection range
  • 900 Lumen output

Sunforce is a pretty big name in the solar power market, so it's not surprising that this two-piece solar flood light kit remains a favorite even if it was introduced several years ago. It simply works like a charm.

The Sunforce 82080 is designed with 80 very bright white LEDs in ABS plastic housing. It comes out of the box with a trio of AA rechargeable batteries, amorphous solar panel with 15 feet wire and mounting hardware.   

Aside from the 180-degree detection range and 30-feet detection distance of Sunforce's 82080 solar flood lights, another feature that's highly impressive is the customization settings. There are two adjustable settings - the first one is time (the duration of light once the unit detects motion), where you can choose from 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 120 seconds. The second one lets users control the distance (range of motion detection) by either low, medium or high. 

Many users of Sunforce's 82080 solar flood lights are impressed by how dependable this small light fixture has been illuminating their respective homes not just for months but actual years.


  • Customizable light settings
  • Control how long light is turned on when motion is detected
  • Maintenance-free and Hassle-free installation
  • Charges in all kinds of daylight conditions (even cloudy)


  • Included bracket limits installation options
ameritop super bright led solar motion sensor lights
  • 3-head design
  • Wide-angle illumination
  • Sensitive motion sensor
  • All-weather resistant

AmeriTop's three-headed, super bright, LED solar flood lights are quite intimidating at first glance, but once you get to explore its many impressive features, you get to justify your first impression. 

First, the white-light LED produces 1500 Lumen output with color temperature of 5000 to 6000K. The adjustable heads are major plus, especially since you can move any of the 3 parts upwards, downwards and horizontally. 

The AmeriTop solar flood lights are designed with three modes to choose from. Test mode (where you could let the lights work both day and night), auto mode (wherein it automatically turns on at night and turns off by sunrise), and permanent on (works all day and night). 

When charging, this AmeriTop version doesn't really need direct sunlight to charge. It could still get low-current charging in rainy and cloudy days or areas with insufficient sunlight. 

AmeriTop's solar flood lights are equipped with an awesome motion sensor, which gets triggered by movement of people, animals and cars. Meanwhile, the 8-inch solar panels are super efficient and get fully charged in just a few hours.


  • Consistent, bright light
  • Adjustable and flexible heads with 180-degree wide illumination angles
  • Motion sensors can also be adjusted
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • No wiring during installation


  • Included 15 feet extension cord may not be enough
ruggedgrade high power 1000 lumen solar motion led flood light
  • Big solar panel
  • Two-piece solar flood lights kit
  • Intense, high-power 1000 Lumen LED lights
  • CE and ROHS certified

RuggedGrade actually has several different solar flood light models, but this one focuses on the 10-watt solar wall light with motion sensor.

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy mixed with toughened glass hard plastic construction, this RuggedGrade solar flood light is weather-resistant and designed specifically for "rugged" outdoor use. It features 10-watt LED floodlight that can easily brighten up a backyard, driveway, garden, and other dark areas around the house for up to 1,000 Lumens. 

This RuggedGrade high-power solar flood lights have built in motion and light sensors. This particular model has 4 modes you can play with. To access these options, hold the red button down for 3 seconds and choose: 

  • Standard (if you want 10% dim all through the night, but full brightness once motion is detected)
  • Always on (500 lumens brightness)
  • Always on (1000 lumens brightness)
  • Off (With this setting, the solar floor light detects daylight and only turns back on at nighttime.

And since RuggedGrade's 10-watt model is equipped with a super-sized 8000mah Lithium Ion battery, it can withstand years of use without the need to be replaced. It does need a full day of sunlight to charge initially, but will reduce to 10 hours daily after the first power up. 

One feature that you don't see often on other solar flood lights is the adjustable mount, which you can adjust to control the light or move the panel.


  • USA-made
  • IP65 Outdoor Rated
  • Comes with 1-year warrant
  • 3 brightness and motion modes available


  • Insufficient length of included meter cable
aootek 120 led solar outdoor motion sensor lights
  •  All-in-one design (solar panel on top, LED lights at the bottom)
  • 120 LED lights with wide-angle illumination
  • 3 Optional Modes

Aootek's 120 LED solar flood lights look like a couple of solar flood lights on this list, but you'll soon discover that this brand and model does give you several special features on the table. 

For instance, the Aootek 120 LED solar flood lights feature upgraded motion sensor detector with a more advanced PIR sensor, all of which work simultaneously to be able to detect people coming from up to 26 feet within 120-degree angles. 

The LED lights, which are extremely brighter than the ordinary LED lights, provide wider illumination range. It is advised to position in direct sunshine to charge the 2200 mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but it can still charge properly even in cloudy, rainy or indirect sunlight. 

Aootek uses the more durable PET-laminated solar panel with premium LED lights, which has been proven to reach up to 20.5% conversion rate with 1.20watt monocrystalline silicon.

The Aootek 120 LED solar flood lights has three optional modes: First is the "security mode" (with motion sensor turning the light on and off automatically). Second is the "permanent on" (which detects nighttime and turns on automatically, then stays on all night). Lastly, the third one is "smart brightness control" (wherein the floodlights are dimmed all night, but turns brighter when it detects motion).


  • Heat-proof and IP65 Waterproof
  • Designed specifically as security night light
  • Three optional modes for sensor and light
  • 48, super bright LED lights


  • On/off switch at the back
  • Only lightens up for 15 seconds using Mode B
baxia technology bx-sl-101 solar lights
  • 4-in-1 pack
  • Small design
  • Wide-angle motion detection and illumination

Baxia Technology has developed one of the most popular solar flood lights in the market today. The BX-SL-101 solar lights come in a pack of 4 all-in-one solar lights. 

This solar flood light comes in a tiny package (measuring only about 4.33-inch x 5.11-inch x 2.67-inch), but the lighting it packs once it is turned on will most likely exceed your expectations. Plus, Baxia's  BX-SL-101 solar lights were designed with a wide motion detection angle of 120-degrees and a distance of 10 feet.

Lights turn on automatically when motion sensor is triggered, but automatically turns off as well after 30 seconds without continuous motion. This model also turns on automatically at sun down, which is good because many of the best solar flood lights do not have this feature. Don't expect dim mode though, since Baxia decided to skip it completely. 

Everything about this tiny solar light is impressive, except for the Lithium Polymer batteries that are included on the box. It is best to buy new rechargeable batteries (from your trusted brand), so the efficiency of this outdoor light.


  • 30-day full refund policy
  • Heat-resistant, Waterproof IP65 and Frost-proof
  • On/Off mode
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Wide motion angle for detection


  • Included screws are flimsy
  • No dim feature
magicpro solar lights
  • 136 super LED beads
  • Up to 1200 Lumens
  • Unique design that maximizes illumination (up to 600 square feet)
  • 2 solar lights included

The MagicPro Solar Lights is a solar-powered outdoor lighting fixture that could bring "magic" to your backyard, garden, pathway, and other outdoor areas. 

Each kit comes with two solar lights. These pairs look super cool with its "136 super LED" that can brighten up a massive space of up to 600 square feet. This amount of illumination is 50% higher than most solar floodlights. 

However, MagicPro solar lights need some sunlight to store energy into the two 2200mAh 18650 batteries they're equipped with. It was designed intentionally to have no dim mode in order to increase battery life and overall product lifespan.  

MagicPro's solar lights look and feel sturdy because it is constructed with anti-corrosive, high-temperature resistant, waterproof high-impact ABS lamp body. Meanwhile, the solar panels are built with energy-efficient polycrystalline.

The manual recommends placing these solar lights under direct sunlight, but even if it's snowing or raining, the MagicPro solar flood lights could still work as efficiently.

The problem, which can also be considered a benefit to some, is focused on the motion sensors. These sensors can be too sensitive and trigger the light even if the motion is far away. The solution is either to move the units higher, or find the weak spot and cover with tape.


  • Value for money (2 pack)
  • High quality premium ABS and PP material for weather-proofing
  • Charges under super-hot days, rainy days or cloudy days
  • Made with durable materials


  • The motion sensors can be highly sensitive (even get triggered by cars 40 feet away)
chinly 100w solar powered flood lights
  • Two-piece solar floodlight kit with remote
  • Impressively bright white light
  • Illuminates your entire backyard throughout the whole night

CHINLY's 100-watt solar-powered flood lights may not look as flashy as other one-piece lights, but this set is a very dependable and powerful outdoor lighting. The polycrystalline silicon solar panel is durable, has a high conversion rate, and charges even on rainy days. 

Meanwhile, the lighting piece is made with 196 LED beams and built-in large storage battery with an actual capacity of over 30000mah. If you're able to charge it for a good 8 hours in direct sunlight, the battery can provide up to 10 hours from dusk-to-dawn light. 

This solar flood light also comes with an IR remote, which works up to 43-feet range. Because it is highly encouraged to install the CHINLY 100-watt solar flood lights somewhere high for better sun exposure, the remote serves as your control for turning on/off the lights and activating the LED lights for the first time. You can even choose to use half or full lights. 

CHINLY 100W solar powered flood lights are designed with photosensitive sensors, which mean they would automatically turn on at nighttime and turn off at sunrise.


  • Comes with a handy remote
  • Big battery storage allows for longer lighting
  • Works exceptionally well in lighting up wide areas
  • Automated photosensitive


  • Bulky (not the easiest to install)
vivii solar lights
  • One kit includes 4 solar flood lights
  • Compact size but bright white output
  • Equipped with PIR motion sensor

Vivii packs a ton of light in its small frame. Measuring only 1.8 x 4 x 4.5 inches and weighing 3.36 ounces, these solar flood lights are surprisingly bright when they light up a dark area.  

The design of the Vivii solar lights is interesting. With the tiny solar panels at the top and 30 LED bulbs (with a total 700 Lumen) scattered across its chest, adding these to your outdoor space wouldn't be an eyesore. Plus, once they light up, it could extend up to 300 square feet. 

A distinct feature of Vivii's solar flood lights is that each unit has one reliable motion sensor "ball head" smacked in the middle of each unit (and not multiple sensors that get confused when there's movement). 

The built-in batteries of the Vivii kits only need 3 hours of charging time at daytime to work. You might need to replace the included 3.7-volt, 1200mah battery for a more powerful alternative to extend the life of your solar flood lights.  

The PIR motion sensor lights up automatically when movement is detected within 10 to 26 feet. If no other movement happens in the next 20 seconds that the light is brightly turned on, the unit shuts off its light completely.


  • IP65 means they withstand any kind of extreme weather
  • LED lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Auto on/off with motion detection


  • Some lights (out of the 4 included in each kit) could be lemons

Factors To Consider When Buying Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights come in different types, shapes and forms. As such, your neighbor's super-cool all-in-one solar flood light may not be suitable for your home, even if it has served your neighbor well.

To ensure you're choosing the best solar flood lights for you, make sure you weigh these considerations:

  • Bulb Options - LED is the most-used bulb option when it comes to solar flood lights because it lasts about 50,000 hours and is energy efficient, giving off the most amount of light with the least energy consumed. But there are other solar flood lights with halogen, CFL, MH or HPS.
  • Wattage and Size - All solar flood light product descriptions have wattage listed because the more powerful lighting requires, the more watts you'll need for lighting up a particular area. Small spaces could run on solar lights with 1 to 5 watts, but bigger areas may need solar flood lights packed with 15-20 watts. The wattage usually affects the size of the solar flood lights, except for monocrystalline panels that produce huge amounts of light with just a tiny panel strip on the unit.
  • Detachable or Built-in - Some solar flood lights are designed with all components (solar panel, motion sensor, batteries, etc.) built into one case. Others have detachable solar panels that are connected via cables. Choosing between the two will depend on where you'd be installing the unit and how much sun your chosen area is exposed to.
  • Sensors - Solar flood lights with motion detectors, photosensors, and other types of sensors help in conserving battery and only switch on the lights when needed. Dusk-to-dawn solar lights have a built-in sensor that detects when the sun sets and automatically turns on the light at night. Most solar flood lights equipped with motion sensors pick up motion from about 15 to 50 feet distance and within a 120 to 180-degree wide angle.
  • Price - Components, manufacturer, size and wattage, battery type, sensors, as well as other factors will affect the price of a solar flood flight.

Wrap Up: Which is the Best Solar Flood Lights for Me?

If you’re on the fence about solar flood lights or have no huge budget to spare for this kind of lighting fixture, go with the LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights with 3 Optional Modes. LITOM’s Originals are not the best solar flood lights on this list, but they are very inexpensive and are great for beginners. 

For those in search of something more advanced, the CINOTON Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor offers plenty of customization when it comes to positioning the LED lights. Plus these solar flood lights look adorable (with their small size), but kinda impressive once they illuminate a massive chunk of space. 

The BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless Waterproof Security Solar Motion is another small, but highly-impressive solar flood light on this list. Pick this if you need a ton of lighting for your outdoor space because each one comes with 4 units and they brighten up a space pretty effortlessly. 

Of course, always weigh the considerations above before diving into your online cart. The best solar flood lights for you would always be the ones that could meet your needs, and in this case, the requirements of your outdoor space.

13 Best Solar Oven Cookers in the Market this 2020

For people who love camping out and hosting backyard picnics, the solar oven gives out most jaws dropped... and for good reason. 

Solar ovens let you cook without gas or electricity. Instead, these awesome inventions (that has been around since the 18th century) use non-polluting, free energy from the sun. 

In many parts of the world, solar ovens are the norm and are life-saving devices. They cook meat, vegetables, breads, soups and everything else in solar ovens. 

If you want your own solar oven for camping, outdoor cooking, or even for emergencies when gas or electricity isn't available, you have a couple of choices. Traditional box-types reach up to 300 degrees F (or hot enough for most meats), while the parabolic cooker can go up to 400 degrees F (ideally for baking bread and frying food). For something more portable, the smaller solar panel cooker and tube cooker does the job without the bulk of box or parabolic cookers. 

Interested in checking out what kind of solar cookers are out there and which brand has the best solar oven for you? Here are 13 solar ovens we’ve hand-picked from hundreds of brands...

Most Affordable 


  • Very affordable
  • No-fuss setup
  • Accommodates any kind of cookware
  • Lightweight and portable

Most Versatile


sunflair portable solar oven deluxe
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Heats up to 285⁰F
  • Can cook and bake
  • Includes a pot and other basic accessories

Most Popular


all season solar cooker camper
  • Big enough to cook a turkey
  • Comes with sun-guide tool to maximize the sun’s heat
  • Literally “all season” solar cooker

​Top 13 Solar Oven in the Market

haines 2.0 solar cooker
  • Inexpensive, but effectively heats up to 325⁰F
  • Includes all the basic accessories to begin cooking outdoors
  • Portable and adjustable

The Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker and Dutch Oven has everything you need to start solar-cooking. Like the much-loved original Haines, the 2.0 has been used for educational classes in schools and far-flung villages, but also as an addition to residential cooking. 

This solar oven kit includes a circular widescreen, thermometer, cooking sleeve and a 4-quart pot, which is super useful for beginners who do not own any cookware ideal for solar cooking yet. And like any other solar ovens, just leave food in the pot and you won't have to worry about burnt food. 

Unlike other solar ovens with reflectors that just go around like a box, the Haines 2.0 solar cooker and Dutch oven is designed with petal-like reflectors that can be adjusted to follow the sun and heat up all sides of your pot quicker than the older models. 

The cool thing about the Haines 2.0 solar oven is that it can even accommodate households that experience intense winters with just some insulation hacks in place. It's very portable, easy to assemble/disassemble, and operate.


  • Color-coded snap design for easy assembly
  • Good quality pot
  • Perfect for day-to-day cooking and camping
  • Stews, boils, bakes, and fries perfectly


  • Small cooking space
  • Need something to weigh it down when windy
all american sun oven
  • Can heat up to 360 to 400 ⁰F
  • American-made, ideal for baking and cooking
  • Lightweight, but designed with improved wind resistance

The American Sun oven looks like a traditional box-type oven, which means it isn't like most of the best solar oven cookers we'll be featuring on this list.  However, it is still powered by the sun and is made with rust-proof, mirror-like, highly polished anodized aluminum reflectors.

This solar oven can cook an entire chicken from morning until afternoon, right in time for dinner. Unlike other solar ovens that are not enclosed, American Sun's 14x14-inch box design means the heat can be trapped and used for cooking the whole day. And because of its unique design, outdoor elements like dirt, dust, insects and even small animals can't go into the oven so quickly. 

The downside to this kind of design is that the "reflectors" of this solar oven are not flexible. They're fixed to the same position, which means there will be limitations in terms of size of pots and repositioning it to the sun.


  • Sturdy and heavy design prevents being blown away on windy days
  • Set-up once, and that’s it!
  • Provides sufficient range of temperature
  • Includes a ton of recipes saved on CD
  • Add-ons like pots, pans and racks available (sold separately)


  • Heavyweight (best for home use than camping)
  • Limited capacity due to the boxed design
sunflair portable solar oven deluxe
  • Heats up to 285⁰F
  • Super portable with carrying bag included
  • Boils, and cooks from sun up to sundown

At first look, the Sunflair Portable Deluxe Solar Oven looks super-small than other solar ovens, but it actually has the perfect size for cooking meals.

Included in this set is a two-layer rack, a collapsible silicone pot, solar oven thermometer, a very useful carry bag and a cookbook to explore everything this solar oven can do. 

This Sunflair solar oven weighs only 1 lb and 2 ounces - you can hand-carry it as part of your hiking gear, or use it for tailgating, boating, camping and other outdoor activities. It could serve as an emergency oven for home use, or even exclusively for drying fruits and crafts like candle making or baking sculpted clay. 

Designed with closed-cell insulation, the Sunflair solar oven can reach temperatures of up to 285 F. Of course, this will depend on the user's location and current season. 

The included silicone pot is microwavable and dishwasher-safe. These Sunflair pots can collapse to 2 cm. Note that the solar oven can accommodate any other pots, as long as they fit the cooking space.


  • Excellent use of space
  • Good set of accessories out of the box
  • 30-day warranty, return policy


  • Not the best temperature range when used outside summer
  • Hard to reach baking temperature in most climates
gosun sport - portable solar cooker
  • Impressively unique design
  • Features a vacuum and glass tube
  • Converts up to 80% sunlight into usable heat
  • Works even on cloudy days

Many people who first take a look at the GoSun Sport solar cooker were skeptical mainly because the design doesn't look anything like other solar ovens in the market. But once you try any of GoSun's solar cookers, you'll realize that the company has developed something special. 

The biggest feature of GoSun's Sport solar cooker is its ability to cook food so quickly, even on cloudy days. This is made possible because of its award-winning design. It consists of parabolic reflectors outside the tube that helps bring up the temperature onto the cooker and the glass vacuum tube that converts up to 80% of the sun's rays to usable heat. 

The combination of the glass vacuum and outside reflectors bring the temperature inside high up to 550 ⁰F, which is high enough for frying, boiling vegetables, stewing meat, grilling and even baking muffins and other small pastries. 

In summer and humid locations, the GoSun Sport solar cooker can easily fry bacon and eggs in just several minutes. In fact, users of the Sport were so used to the slow-paced cooking of solar ovens that they’ve burnt some of their first recipes done on this cooker. 

Aside from the durable, Borosilicate-evacuated Glass Tube cooking chamber and the industrial-grade anodized aluminum parabolic reflectors, the GoSun Sport solar cooker also comes with a stainless steel cooking tray, scrubbing/cleaning tool, cookbook and user's manual. 

The major downside of GoSun Sport is its limited cooking space because of its tube-like shape.


  • Can retain heat effectively
  • Very durable and portable
  • USA-made
  • 2-year no-questions-asked warranty


  • Limited space for cooking
green portable solar oven
  • Heats up to 250⁰F
  • Perfect for tailgating and camping
  • Very lightweight

If you're not picky about brands and just want a durable, solar oven for your camping trips or as backup cooker for emergencies, the JWN Green solar oven bag cooker will do the trick. In fact, this kit looks identical to the Sunflair deluxe cooker I featured above, except this JWN counterpart comes without any accessories and is significantly more affordable. 

The JWM solar oven comes in a green bag, which opens up into a 26.8-inch by 15.7-inch vacuum aluminizing sheet reflector. Get a pot and put it in the middle of the solar oven. Like any other solar oven, this one runs on solar energy, so it uses the sun's rays to heat the oven and eventually cook the food. 

This solar oven kit doesn't come with any accessories, which is why it is the most affordable of all ovens on this list. You can use any pot, but a thin but dark cookware provides the best results because black traps heat more effectively. 

Note that if you're new to solar cooking, give the JWM solar oven a chance because there's a learning curve to using any solar cooker.


  • Extremely portable
  • No-fuss set-up
  • Large cooking space
  • Very affordable (good way to be introduced to solar cooking)


  • Cannot reach high temperatures
  • No pots or other accessories included
all season solar cooker camper
  • Heats up to 400⁰F
  • Able to cook anything, even an entire turkey
  • Comes with a "Sunsight" device for positioning the oven to the sun
  • Impressive origami-like design features adjustable angles for year-round use

SolCook's ASSC Camper looks very like the original model, except that this newer Camper can cook an entire turkey or fit two pots inside. The cooking space allotted is definitely bigger with a capacity of two one-gallon pots. And since The Camper is designed with a cooking bag, it can hold varying shapes and sizes of pots without any restriction.

This SolCook Camper is a panel-type solar cooker, which means you have the freedom to use any kind of cookware from baking pans to 12-inch fry pans.  

Although this solar cooker looks like most solar ovens with the reflector bags, there are three distinct features that separate SolCook's All-Season Solar Cooker Camper with the rest: 

  • Unique design - This SolCook's origami-like design was made so you could take advantage of 12 hours of sunshine for solar cooking. Position it upward to capture the sun overhead, while position it slowly downward to accommodate the sun's position as it begins to set. This unique design means you can set the oven to any angle and absorb as much solar heat as possible.
  • Sunsight - Attached to the solar oven, this small wooden device called a sunsight guides you in positioning the oven at the most beneficial spot. When the pin has no shadow, it means the cooker is perfectly focused on the sun.
  • Large capacity - The ASSC Camper measures 12" deep and 17" wide. It offers a pretty big cooking space not seen on traditional solar ovens.

The SolCook's All Season Solar Cooker Camper may not look like it at first, but this solar oven is virtually indestructible and highly efficient in cooking big batches of food.


  • Includes a trivet (a sturdy rack where you place your pot on)
  • Large capacity
  • Built in, sun-positioning device
  • No complicated set-up or operation


  • No accessories included out of the box
gosun fusion solar oven
  • Solar and electric hybrid
  • Cooks for families
  • Absorbs heat quickly
  • Cooks at night and on sunny, cloudy or rainy days

It may be a bit unfair to compare the GoSun Fusion hybrid solar oven against some of the best solar oven cookers on this list, especially since the Fusion is the world's first solar oven that can also be plugged in at night or during cloudy and rainy days when solar heat is unable to cook your food.  

If you've came from the GoSun Sport, which cooks for only 2 to 3 people, the Fusion model is definitely a step up in terms of cooking capacity. This hybrid solar oven can feed up to 6 people. 

Because this solar oven could heat up to 550°F, meals are cooked much quicker when compared to other solar ovens. This model can do everything from frying to steaming, baking to roasting and everything in between (except for boiling water). 

Like the other GoSun solar ovens, the Fusion is made with extremely durable materials, such as the anodized aluminum reflector frame and stainless steel tray. At nighttime and days without sunshine, you can plug this solar oven and use the 150-watt heating element built into the device for cooking.


  • Unique design with extremely durable parts
  • Lightweight, portable, and comes with easy carry handle
  • Fuel-free cooking
  • Choose from solar and electric mode


  • Expensive
ete etmate outdoor integrated solar cooker
  • Parabolic type solar cooker
  • Heats up to 550°F
  • Affordable tube design

If you've been a fan of GoSun solar ovens, you'll love this offering by ETE ETMATE but at a cheaper price tag. It has similar tube design, along with the upper and lower reflectors, except the ETE ETMATE solar cooker has extra reflectors on both sides of the tube.

In terms of capacity, the ETE ETMATE solar cooker can accommodate 4.5 liters of meat, veggies, or even bread. And since it can reach up to 550°F during full sunshine, this solar oven can cook a meal as quick as 20 minutes. (Note that like other solar ovens, the sunlight output would directly affect cooking time)

To operate, just pull the stainless tray from the side, put in your food for cooking, push the tray back in, and wait. You'd have to leave the reflectors open, since this helps in absorbing the sun's UV rays, which is then converted into heat suitable for cooking.


  • Portable (comes with handy carry bag)
  • No fancy set-up
  • Easy to operate


  • No accessories included
gosun go ultra-portable solar cooker
  • Made for single use or for couples
  • Designed as an on-the-go solar cooker
  • Ideal for camping and tailgating
  • Fast cooking time
  • Heats up to 550°F

As with most GoSun solar cookers, the GoSun Go is designed with an impressively-made glass tube placed at the center of the cooker, embraced by parabolic reflectors on top and bottom. It features a vacuum tube as 'cooking pan' that works as an insulator converting up to 80% of the sun's rays to heat.

The entire thing may look pretty small (it measures only ), but GoSun’s Go solar oven has the ability to steam, roast or bake a meal. It can even boil liquids - something many solar cookers cannot do. In favorable weather conditions where you can get direct sunlight for up to 8 hours, the GoSun Go solar cooker could reach temperatures as high as 550°F.

If you're buying this for disaster preparedness or for camping with a family or group of friends, this won't fit the bill because of its size. GoSun has oth


  • Includes a durable EVA foam hardshell case
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Bakes, cooks and handles boiling or heating liquid too


  • Limited cooking space for single use or couples
sport solar oven
  • Ideal for backyard solar cooking
  • Heats up to 300⁰F
  • Set and forget design
  • Comes with impressive accessories

Solavore's Sport solar oven looks massive, but it actually just measures measuring 12 1/4"high, 27 1/4”long and 17”wide. This particular set comes with two 3-quart capacity graniteware pots, which are made of carbon steel with a porcelain surface for non-stick cooking. 

This "Sport" solar oven from Solavore is designed with durable BPA-free rugged nylon plastic, along with closed-cell foam for insulation. Outside the box, the massive TR-86 high-performance reflectors do their magic as its mirror-like surface takes in the sun's rays and converts it into usable heat for cooking. 

Because this solar oven was designed to stand on its own (without a table or any other rack), you can keep it near the ground and operate more effectively. You do need additional time for set-up and take-down, since the solar oven must be folded completely with the reflectors removed before storage.


  • Detachable reflectors
  • Used tarnish- and weather-resistant materials
  • Wide temperature range (up to 300º F)
  • Two pots included with carrying bag


  • Not the most portable with reflectors installed (weigh 9 pounds)
American Educational Solar Oven
  • Ideal for teaching and classroom experiments
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to assemble, use and store

American Educational's Solar Oven is designed for classroom experiments of grades 3 to 9 (or around 8 years old to 15). This solar oven even comes with a 'Teacher's Guide' to assist educators on proper use and functions. 

Unlike some of the best solar oven cookers on this list, the purpose of American Educational Solar Oven isn't to impress and be used for rugged camping trips. It is best used a couple of times a year for presentation. If you plan to use this regularly, it’s better to choose another solar oven from this list. 

The design of the American Educational Solar oven is pretty simple. It is made with reflective surfaces, which concentrate heat radiation into the cooking chamber and traps heat for cooking. The cooking space can be pretty snug, even for a 1.5-quart round Pyrex dish. Make sure you have cookware that could fit into this solar oven because it doesn't have any pot or pan included. 

One of the biggest design flaws of this solar oven is the lack of warning not to cut off the box while unpacking. This is important because the reflectors are actually connected to the inner side of these boxes and cutting them off would basically damage the entire thing.


  • Can cook meat within 4 hours
  • Super affordable
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Pest or insect-free


  • Almost just the size of a shoe box
sunflair mini portable solar oven
  • Heats up to 285 F
  • Ideal for camping and fishing trips
  • State-of-the-art closed cell insulation
  • World's lightest solar oven

Sunflair's mini portable solar oven does live up to its name. It weighs just 1 pound and 12 ounces, then folds down to the size of a three-ring binder. This was designed specifically for campers, hikers, fishing hobbyists, RV-ers and other people who love the outdoors. 

The Sunflair Mini portable solar oven comes ready with a solar oven thermometer, a trivet, a carry bag, and a black, collapsible silicone pot, which can accommodate up to 3 and a half cups of liquid. This set-up can easily cook beans, rice, eggs, and other basic fry-foods like bacon, eggs and hotdogs.

Built with advanced closed-cell insulation, this solar oven can heat up from 180 to 300º F, depending on the season, time of day and location. And because you're using the power of the sun, instead of other alternative heat sources, you can cook even in areas where open flames are not allowed. Some users even swear of trying to cook food inside their cars during traffic - how crazy is that?


  • Complete accessories included (pot, case, thermometer, trivet)
  • Hassle-free assembly and operation
  • 30-day return policy
  • Perfect model for beginners


  • May need a platform, or constant adjustment to be positioned directly below the sun
nicechoose portable solar cooker
  • Most affordable Parabolic solar cooker in the market
  • Off-the-grid, smoke-free cooking
  • Ideal for outdoor use

If you've been eyeing the GoSun solar ovens for a while now, but have no extra cash to accommodate this wonderful device, you can get the next best thing with cheaper alternatives like this offer from NICECHOOSE.

The NICECHOOSE portable solar cooker is pretty straightforward. It is designed with a mirror aluminum plate that reflects sunlight down to the cooking tube, a built-in stainless steel roasting tray with wooden handle, and folding parabolic reflectors protecting the tube as you cook. Because the vacuum glass tube traps the heat in naturally, the food on the tray receives enough heat even without full sunlight. 

During sunny days, you can cook a meal within 30 minutes. It is perfect for roasting, boiling, steaming and baking. It's a fuel-free BBQ stove, which means you can tailgate or camp successfully without the smoke that comes with traditional grilling.

As you might expect for having a low price tag, the reflectors can be delicate, so you need to be extra careful when handling the NICECHOOSE solar oven. There also is no instructions included in this kit, so you'd have to Google basic operations if you're new to the world of solar cooking.


  • Assemble and ready to use within seconds
  • Affordable
  • Works as efficiently as more-expensive solar ovens


  • Fragile reflectors

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Solar Oven in the Market

Aside from the types of solar ovens (box, tube, or parabolic cookers), you also have to consider different things, such as:

  • Where it will be used - Determine your reason for buying a solar oven. Are you planning to use it for camping or other outdoor activities like tailgating? Do you want it to be a permanent fixture in your backyard? Are you bringing it with you in an RV? This is a good question because it would directly affect what type and size of solar oven you need. For example, parabolic cookers require bigger storage space, while tube cookers are built for portability.
  • Things you want to cook - In general, box ovens, tube cookers and panel cookers can boil, steam and stew food easily. You can use any kind of solar oven for baking too, but the difference lies in the time needed for each type. For instance, cooking steaks would require the high heat of parabolic cookers.
  • How much food you need to cook - The capacity of your solar cooker can be an issue if you plan to cook large-sized pizza crusts, a huge pot roast, and so on. Make sure to measure the solar oven's capacity, so you'll know if it could accommodate your Thanksgiving turkey or loaves of bread.
  • Cooking specifications - Some solar ovens cook faster or hotter than others. Consider factors such as heat potential and cooking speed when choosing the best solar oven for you.
  • Accessories included - If you're new to the world of solar ovens and have no other accessories available, you'd benefit from solar ovens packaged with pots, pans, racks, utensils and other accessories.

Price wouldn't be much of an issue because most solar ovens are inexpensive. However, durability would be a better weighing factor since higher-priced solar cookers are made with better (and sometimes more expensive) materials.

Wrap Up: Which Brand is the Best Solar Oven for Me?

The best solar oven for you will depend on your location, preferred cooking method, and whether you need it portable for camping, tailgating or other outdoor activities, or just for your backyard and backup oven for emergencies. 

If you're new to this world of solar cooking, you can try out a solar oven without breaking the bank - choose the super-affordable, yet highly effective JWN Green Portable Solar Oven Bag Cooker.

For those who want something that is both efficient and good-looking, any of the GoSun models (GoSun Go, GoSun Sport, or GoSun Fusion) can make your guests go wow. 

However, if you’re serious about outdoor cooking, the best solar oven is something like Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete Cookware, which includes the pot, thermometer, and everything else you'll need to begin cooking under the sun. 

Note that if you plan to bake outdoors during seasons other than summer, skip the Sunflair model and go for the SolCook's All Season Solar Cooker Camper, which provides better temperature range for grilling, steaming, boiling and baking.