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best whole house generators

Best Whole House Generator Reviews

On August 30 2017, Hurricane Irma struck the U.S. significantly affecting the State of Florida. The massive destruction caused by this major hurricane left 64% of Florida with no electricity from September 10, 2017. Some even experienced power outages until September 19, 2017, making it one of the biggest blackouts in the history of the […]

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Best Portable Generators

Power outages are not quite common in the US but when they happen, they wreak havoc. Heavy rain, storms, and similar disasters affect our lives beyond imagination. We are so used to electricity, not havin g access to it can prevent us from performing daily tasks such as bathing, cooking. Since power outages are not in […]

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Best Quiet Generator Reviews 2019

Power outages are not in your control. They may occur due to technical faults, bad weather conditions, and other such issues. In such a scenario, your best option is to count on a generator that allows you to continue to do your day-to-day tasks without any trouble. While there are hundreds of companies out there offering […]

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