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8 Best Solar Camping Shower Bag to Buy In 2021

Sustainability is the future! Among the most sustainable practices, today is the use of solar energy. It's increasingly becoming a crucial aspect of the way we power our lives today. In this guide, we look at some of the best solar showers on the market that you should consider. What exactly are these? 

Well, they are compact bags, which you can set up on elevated surfaces to help heat your water. As such, you don’t have to struggle with cold water, especially if you are one of those people with health complications such as asthma. 

The best part about these types of shower mechanisms is that they are easy to set up and use for showering applications. Whether you are outdoor camping, or you perhaps just want a convenient addition to your outdoor regimen, you can never go wrong with a solar shower. And they are also compact, whereby they won't add any unnecessary weight to your regimen.

Below is an excellent guide to get you started:

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Water Capacity

Just as the term suggests, this refers to the amount of water your chosen solar shower can accommodate. As you would expect, an excellent solar shower offers adequate storage space for your water, before refills. The ideal solar shower has a capacity of over 2.5 gallons, with 5 gallons being the recommended standard. More so, some brands can hold as much as 10 gallons of water. 

Ultimately, the water capacity will determine how long you can take showers, and the number of showers you can take before refilling. More so, a larger water capacity means fewer trips to the river. Some of the high-end brands even incorporate their products with showerheads which you can easily turn on or off. 

Material Construction of the Shower 

An excellent solar shower is also crucial. You want a shower bag that features durable and high-quality materials. The material should be durable enough to serve you for years, without having to do replacements. Also, the material should be durable enough to accommodate the presence of heated water, which is known to degrade materials over time. Remember that this is the material that will be holding your water. As such, it should also be safe for your skin, especially as some people tend to have sensitive skin. Usually, the best shower bag features materials such as PVC or durable nylon material. 

Ease of Maintenance

Even if your shower bag is designed to help you improve hygiene, it's also essential that you clean the system. Thus, the ideal outdoor shower is easy to maintain, and the material quality will determine the amount of cleaning you need to perform. One of the key benefits of plastic is that it's easy to clean and maintain. 

A good way to clean a solar shower bag would be to fill it with some cleaning solution and let it drain out from the showerhead. Also, products such as vinegar make up for excellent cleaning agents that are also safe to use. If you plan on not using the solar shower, ensure you open the valve, and let the bag dry out completely. This will help stop the development of mildew or mould, which can damage the bag. 

Ease of Installation and Use

For the majority of most solar showers on the market, they will usually feature a large bag, which holds water in a tube, and with a showerhead attached. These solar shower types and designs are also easy to install and use because you can just set them up on bars or trees. Also, a good solar shower should feature in an inbuilt handle, which you can use to hang the bag on a tree.

That said, some brands even like to take things further. For instance, you may find a shower head with a “FreeStanding Show Mechanism.” These types feature a tube, which you place on a base, and fill with water. They are often easy to install and use, but might require some assembly.

Shower Head Type

While there are many types of showerheads on the market, they usually have different features. The ideal solar shower should feature a valve, which you can turn on or off to control the flow of water. Also, it’s a feature, which lets you regulate the amount of water wasted, and even to increase the time you have to shower. 

That said, a top-rated solar shower also comes with added features, which you can use to adjust the water pressure levels. These types offer added customization benefits, and can also have some luxury to your trip. 

Heating Time

Generally, it may take about 3 hours for the water in your solar shower to heat up. Also, this means that you have to place the bag directly in the sun and where the temperature is too high. A large water capacity means that average heating time is even longer, and it might take a few hours for the water to heat up.

Consider checking on solar shower reviews to help you choose the most appropriate solar shower for your needs. 

Features of the Kit

You will be pleased to know that solar showers are available with many different features and design factors. Taking these factors into consideration means that you are sure of the ideal experience when using the solar shower. As such, consider evaluating your solar shower further, before settling on a particular type for your needs. 

Best Solar Shower FAQs

Q. How well do solar showers work?

A. Maintaining personal hygiene when camping is not as easy as it would be when at home. That said, a solar shower heats your water by using the heat of the sun. Even if you have to spend a few hours in the morning waiting for it to heat up, it’s a highly convenient resource. The best part is that most of these solar showers fold into compact units, which you can easily store in your backpack. 

Q. What is a solar shower?

A. A solar shower is a portable bag, with a capacity of between 2.5 to 10 gallons. The bag users solar energy to heat water, and has a design which makes it easy to hang on a tree. Due to their exceptional portability and ease of use benefits, solar showers have become common among outdoor enthusiasts. 

Q. How much water do you need for a camp shower?

A. Well, it all boils down to your specific preferences. When you want to set up a campsite, its not often easy to determine the amount of water you need to shower. Most solar showers can hold an average of 5 gallons of water. With features such as an on/off valve, you will find it easy to use the bag for 2 to 3 showers. That said, if you have many campers on the trip, then you may have to opt for the large capacity showers.

Q. How does a solar bag work? 

A. A solar shower works by absorbing energy from the sun and redirecting the heat to your water. You have to install the bag using special camping knots and on an elevated surface. This way, the water uses gravity to flow out from the showerhead. Also, a solar shower usually features valves, which are used to control the flow of water. 

Top Pick 

ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower 

solar shower bag

When you are away from civilization, you want to be close to resources that are convenient to use. Thus, this is why the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower is a great recommendation for your needs. This 5-gallon outdoor shower is durable and will provide many months of reliable performance.

It’s the perfect way to get a shower this summer because it has all the unique features to suit your needs. Whether it's in a camp, the end of a long trail or even on the deck of a boat, this unit is perfect. 

Made using four-ply construction with a reflector panel, this unit is perfect for outdoor settings. Its also comes with a showerhead which is easy to use and an extra-large filling valve. Plus the solar shower also has a side socket for shampoo and your soap. Thus, hygiene or taking a shower becomes a breeze each time. The Advanced elements brand has also done well to include a convenient water temperature gauge for measuring the quality of water.

The solar shower also features a pocket with a reflective mirror, which you can use for grooming purposes. To make things better, this on and off shower head works well to save water. It even comes with a hose which is easy to stow by using a Velcro strap. Thanks to the inclusion of an easy to use large fill valve, you will find it easy to twist the cap off, and ease of reservoir filling.


  • Has a 4-ply construction with reflector panel
  • Ease to use with extra-large filling valve
  • Comes with Velcro straps for washcloths 


  • Could use much more durable installation knots
  • Long Lasting Heat

Also Consider

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump, Sunset 

camping shower bag

The Nemo Helio Portable Shower with foot pump is an excellent recommendation for your hygiene needs as well. Featuring a long lasting and high capacity 11-litre tank, this unit heats up conveniently. The best part is that the heated water stays piping hot for many hours, so you have free time on your schedule. 

Designed for convenient user control, this hands-free foot pump provides convenient flow regulation and strong water pressure. It’s just the same as the showerhead you have at home, and it’s also fully pressurized. The solar shower will provide a steady flow for as many as 5-7 minutes. To take things further, this unit is even available with a foot pump, to help increase the water pressure. 

With such a unique combination of features, it’s easy to see why this unit will suit your many different applications. You can use it for camping, backpacking, rafting trips and music festivals. The makers of this unit have also done well to ensure that it's easy to set up and install for your unique showering needs. Designed for longevity, the Nemo Helio Portable shower is a reliable addition to your outdoor regimen.

Made with more in mind than just washing off backcountry grime, this solar shower is suitable for various other applications. You can use it to wash dishes, bathe pets, rinse off gear and water your plants. Even more, the lightweight system and 7-foot hose spray nozzle make this unit easy to use. 


  • High capacity and insulated 11-litre tank
  • Hands-free foot pump provides simple flow regulation
  • Lightweight with 7-foot water spray


  • The foot pump is manually controlled 

Also Remember

Solar Camping Shower Bag, 5 Gallons/20L Portable Camping Shower 

camping showers

Shower when out at camp conveniently when you have the Solar Camping Shower Bag. This unit makes up for an excellent way for you to enjoy hot water. Why? Well, it has a large capacity 5-gallon bag, which will hold enough water for you to take a good shower.

Even more, the solar bag is made using high-quality material, which works well to hold water safely. Furthermore, the bag is also strong enough, such that you can hang it on trees or a shower tent as you take a shower. When investing in a solar shower, its also important that you consider the design construction, and whether it can offer longevity. Thus, this is why the Solar Camping shower is built to last! You will have it with you for many years, especially if you store it the right way. 

Convenient does not end there when you have this shower bag. It will even heat your water and has a temperature indicating for convenience. The shower bag seals tight when you close the water inlet. You can even place it on the floor, or perhaps hang it on trees to help absorb the water heat. As the water temperature increases, the camping shower will indicate for your convenience.

Designed to be easy to use, this unit just requires hanging on an elevated surface. It even boasts of many other unique features for your convenience. For instance, the solar shower features a storage bag, which you can use to store soap and even shampoo. 


  • Large capacity 5-gallon tank
  • Made using durable and premium material
  • Can heat water with temperature indications 


  • N/A 

Other Top Picks

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower 

shower bag

You are one step away from making your outdoor escapades convenient and fun. How can you do this? Well, enjoy convenient showering when camping with the Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower. The water capacity of your chosen solar shower is a crucial factor to consider. Why? Well, because it determines the number of showers, you can take on any given day. This unit holds as many as 5 gallons, which is enough water for several showers. 

On top of that, it uses solar energy to heat water, and it's also highly efficient when in use. The solar shower also features a strong handle, which makes it easy to carry and hang on an elevated surface. The solar shower also comes with a handy valve, which you can connect to the showerhead for ease of use. The solar shower also folds into a compact unit, which makes it an excellent addition to your outdoor regimen. 

As far as portability goes, this unit comes with ergonomic handles which make it comfortable to use. Even more, the solar shower features a lockable valve, which lets you control the flow of water conveniently. 

With this unit, you will never miss a shower – even when you are camping. It has a reservoir that holds an exceptional 5 gallons of water – suitable for several showers. Made using heat locking materials, this unit warms water fast when left in the sun. 


  • Holds 5 gallons of water for several showers
  • Comes with a strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying
  • Has a handy on/off valve connected to the showerhead


  • Could use a large opening to help dry the bag

Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower 

portable camping shower

Enjoy a hot shower wherever you are when you have the Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer shower. This unit is ideal for use outdoors, including hunting, camping, fishing and more. It's easy to see why this Advanced Elements 2.5 Summer shower is popular among outdoor enthusiasts. As one of the most durable solar showers on the market, this unit is durable and offers exceptional longevity benefits. 

It even sets up easily on our chosen surface, and with a durable handle for ease for portability. The solar shower features durable four-layer construction, which offers many years of reliable performance. Plus, the shower features a reflector panel, which makes it highly visible when outdoors.

Being able to control the flow of water is a crucial factor to consider when investing in a solar shower. Thus, you know you are covered when you have the advanced elements of a 2.5-gallon solar shower. The showerhead is simple to use, and you can turn it on and off to help save water. Thanks to the extra-large filling valve with a twist-off cap, letting out is a breeze. To back this feature up is a convenient twist-off cap, and wide rubber handle, which make it easy to carry.

With high-quality Velcro straps, this unit is ideal for holding shampoo, wash clothes and even toiletries. Storage is also easy when you have this unit. When you are done, you just roll it up for convenient storage. Thanks to the 2.5-gallon capacity, you have more than enough water to last a few showers. 


  • Durable four-layer construction offers longevity
  • Extra-large filling valve with a convenient twist-off cap
  • Comes with wide carrying handles and Velcro straps


  • 2.5 gallon is not suitable for large camps

20L Outdoor Camping Hiking Solar Energy Heated Camp Shower 

solar shower

When you are away from civilization, getting a hot shower is not always easy. However, with the 20L Outdoor Camping Hiking Shower, a hot shower might just be a few hours away. The shower uses solar energy to heat water, which you can use for various applications. Aside from using it to take a shower, you can even use it to wash clothes, rinse dishes and various other DIY applications.

Designed to provide easy assembly, this solar shower is a highly convenient addition to your outdoor regimen. It even comes with a unique heat-absorbing surface, which is highly efficient for solar heating applications. The makers of this unit have also done well to include a PVC pipe, which provides optimal handle support benefits. 

The solar shower also features a spout that has a plug-in cap at the top of the bag, which makes it easy to refill this unit. The heat-absorbing surface offers exceptional heating efficiency and is also durable for years of reliable performance. The makers of this unit have also done well to include thoughtful features such as the transparent surface. Moreover, the shower hose is also transparent for your convenience. It’s a unique surface that lets you check the water quality conveniently.

The solar shower also comes with a spout attached at the top of the bag, for easy refills. You will also be pleased with the fact this unit offers exceptionally fast heating speeds. And it does this, without any compromise on the material quality.


  • 5-gallon solar shower 
  • Has a highly efficient heat-absorbing surface
  • Comes with a convenient spout at the top of the bag 


  • The valve on this unit is delicate 

Adarl (Can Warming Up) Outdoor Travel Leisure Sports PVC Solar Shower 

camp shower

Discover the excellence of the Adarl Outdoor Travel Leisure Sports Solar Shower, which provides a host of unique benefits for your hygiene needs. The solar shower meets all the values you would need in a proper mechanism for outdoor purposes. Like all the best solar showers on the market, this unit also features a convenient valve, for regulating the flow of water. As such, you have a reliable way to control water wastage issues. 

For instance, made using environmentally friendly PVC, this solar shower is durable, and offers years of longevity benefits. As you would expect with a high-quality solar shower, this unit is easy to set up and hang on an elevated area. The Adarl brand has also done well to make this solar shower using materials that won’t react poorly with your skin.

It’s also easy to fill, and it comes with a customizable cap, which you can use to control the flow of water. As far as portability goes, you are also covered with this best outdoor travel solar shower. How is this possible? Well, this is all thanks to the convenient and ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to move around. 


  • Made using environmentally friendly PVC
  • Comes with a strap for ease of installation
  • The ergonomic handles make it comfortable and easy to carry around


  • Could use a much better finish

Texsport 5 Gallon Outdoor Portable Solar Shower 

camping shower

The Texsport 5 Gallon Outdoor Portable Solar Shower is also an excellent item to tag along to your camping trips. As you would expect with most high-end solar showers, this unit is perfect for taking a long and hot shower each time. It has a large 5-gallon capacity, which is sufficient for taking several showers. Even more, it comes with black polyethene that attracts warmth from the sun, and also uses solar energy to heat the water.

To make things better, the solar shower features a flexible shower hose and tap to help control the yield of water. It even has four mesh pockets on the front, that you will use to hold your shower accessories. The handle is also durable and makes this unit reliable to hang or carry. 

You will also be pleased with the fact that this unit folds into a small size, to make it easy to store and transport. The heavy-duty Tafetta walls and rainfly are polyurethane coated, to provide optimal longevity benefits. The solar shower also features rust resistant and chain corded steel poles, which make it easy to set up. 

Plus, the rainfly features two see-through skylights, which provide optimal visibility when indoors. It even features a removable hanging tower bar outside and a mesh shower rack in the corner section. 


  • Sizeable 5-gallon capacity camp shower
  • Comes with a black polythene that attracts optimal warmth
  • Flexible shower hose and tap to control the water yield


  • Its not easy to clean the internal components 


Taking up sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives can have many benefits. In this guide, we go in-depth into some of the best solar shower brands on the market that you should consider. A solar shower is dynamic, and you can use it for many other different applications, including washing utensils. Designed to be easy to set up and use, these types of shower are perfect for any type of outdoor enthusiast. When you have one of these units, you will find it easy to take a shower and enjoy a reliable flow of water. The brands we have on this list are easy to set up, and with spacious interiors for your needs. 

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