Best Pellet Stove Review

A pellet stove can be a good, reliable, and affordable way to heat up your home during winters. These appliances produce heat by burning pellets. While they may look or act like wood pellet stoves, they’re quite different in nature and the job they perform.

Pellet stoves are more efficient and safer to use than wood stoves. However, with an overwhelming number of pellet stoves on the market, it can be difficult to pick the best pellet stove for your home or office.

To help you find the right pellet stove, we have selected some of the finest pellet stoves on the market.

Let’s have a look:

Pellet Stove



Coverage Area


​186 pounds

​23.8 x 18.5 x 34 inches

​1500 sq feet


​235 pounds

​31 x 30 x 43.8 inches

​2200 sq feet


​295 pounds

​24 x 29 x 36 inches

​2800 sq feet


​131 pounds

​15 x 52 x 24 inches

​2000 sq feet


​195 pounds

​31 x 30 x 43.8 inches

​1750 sq feet


​291 pounds

​25 x 26.5 x 34.5 inches

​1500 sq feet


​180 pounds

​12.4 x 27 x 36 inches

​1000 sq feet


​239 pounds

​22.8 x 24.5 x 36.5 inches

​2200 sq feet


​250 pounds

​25 x 34 x 26 inches

​1700 sq feet


​230 pounds

​22 x 22 x 33 inches

​1750 sq feet


Castle 12327 is our top product for many reasons. This appliance will heat your home using smart controller technology and allow you to choose from various modes.

You can control the thermostat and heat up a large area efficiently with this pellet stove.

Key Features:

  • ​Heats up 1500 sq. feet of an area.
  • ​More than 69.8% thermal efficiency.
  • ​Automatic ignition system.
  • ​Air wash system can be used to clean the inside of the glass.
  • ​Corrosion and scratch resistant.

The heat produced by this unit is hotter compared to an electric standard heater. It is suitable for large spaces – up to 1500 sq. feet – thanks to a thermal efficiency of 69.8%.

One of the best features of this unit is the programmable thermostat. You can increase or decrease the temperature as you like. It’s a 24 hour programmable controller that can be set according to your preference.

The product is extremely safe to use as it has some impressive safety features. It comes with heat shields to protect the house and incorporates a thermal overload protection feature that shuts the appliance down in case of overloading.

It has a capacity of 40 pounds which is quite good. Castle 12327 produces around 32,000 BTUs of heat which is enough to warm up a large home. Yes, it caters to the whole house and not a single room unless you have a very big house.

You can choose from two burning options, high or low setting. The high setting offers a burning operation for 12 hours while the low setting is for 24 hour burning.


  • ​EPA and ETL certified.
  • ​Consumes 77 watts during operation and 400 watts at the time of ignition.
  • ​1-year warranty.
  • ​No smell at all.


  • ​Heavier at 186 pounds.

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Castle 12327 is an amazing pellet stove that offers good capacity and amazing features that will fulfill your heating requirements during winters.

If you are on a lookout for an effective indoor pellet stove then consider Pleasant Hearth 50,000. It can heat a large area and has an efficiency rating of 85%.

This EPC certified pellet stove can offer consistent heat for up to 70 hours and lets you control the temperature using a knob.


  • ​Built-in blower.
  • ​Covers 2200 sq. feet of area.
  • ​Auto ignition system.
  • ​Airwash system.
  • ​Mobile home approved.

This is more than just a pellet stove. It is an aesthetically attractive product that will look good and enhance the look of your home. It has an iron cast door and a ceramic glass window that provides an amazing view of the fire that burns inside.

Pleasant Hearth 50,000 can provide heat across 2200 sq. feet of area (50,000 BTUs). Moreover, it has 120 pound hopper which can accommodate a lot of pellets. It ensures a runtime between 24-70 hours, depending on your selected settings.

Another amazing feature of this device is the built-in blower inside the unit that distributes and increases the heat output. Thanks to this feature, your home will heat up quickly and will remain heated for a long time.

Moreover, it has a knob that lets you choose temperature settings. You can keep it on max for full heat production or reduce it when the room gets warm enough. This is a great feature as it will not only make you feel comfortable but also reduce your energy bill.

This pellet stove incorporates a special air wash feature. It involves special vents that suck in fresh air and clean the ceramic glass window. This way, you can see the inside of the pellet stove at all times and keep it cleaned, too.


  • ​5-year warranty.
  • ​Free outside air kit ($60 value).
  • ​Produces only 0.69 g/hour emissions.
  • ​Blower works silently.


  • ​Heavier at 235 pounds of weight.
  • ​Replacement parts are expensive.

Pleasant Hearth pellet stove is an ideal choice for people who want to warm large homes or condos efficiently. It is an economical and silently working stove that even looks good.

If you want a device that can heat up your room for the entire day then consider this beauty. It’s a compact stove that can be set in any corner of the home. It’s quite easy to use and is also very efficient.

It has a bay design and a fine carbon coating that adds to the looks. This is important because you will not have to think twice before keeping it in a room.


  • ​Covers 2800 sq. feet of an area.
  • ​50,000 BTUs.
  • ​Built-in blower.
  • ​55 pound hopper.
  • ​Auto ignition.

This pellet stove is capable of producing 50,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs). This much heat is enough to heat up a large space easily. The cherry on top is the built-in blower that helps distribute and amplify the heat. This makes it possible for the unit to heat up a huge space in no time.

There’s a programmable thermostat inside the stove that helps to control the temperature. This feature allows you to input various temperature schedules and enjoy a custom environment.

One of its other highlights is the auto ignition system. You can program it to start on its own at any time of the day. This is a great feature that allows you to not worry about having to spend a single moment in cold. You can set it up to kickstart at the required time.

Moreover, it comes with a remote controller to make things easier. You can use it to regulate temperature, turn the stove on/off, etc.

The unit is safe to use thanks to the hopper switch feature that shuts the appliance down in case something goes wrong. Moreover, it also alerts the user of possible dangers that come from overloading.


  • ​You won’t be hearing any noise when the unit is placed at a distance of 20 feet.
  • ​The ash pan is removable.
  • ​The thermostat lets you control temperature (between 61 and 84 degrees).
  • ​Stove turns off automatically when there are not enough pellets inside.


  • ​Shuts off when burn pot gets clogged.

Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 can be a good option for users who want comfort. It does not only work well but also adds to the comfort factor as it comes with a remote controller and some other amazing options.

US STove GW1949 is a non-electric pellet stove that’s a breeze to use. It asks for little to no maintenance as there’s no electric circuit or augers that would malfunction and require repairs or replacement.

It works on a simple gravity feed system where no mechanical parts are involved. This makes it an economical pellet stove because you won’t be using electricity to run this thing.


  • ​40,000 BTUs.
  • ​2000 sq. feet of area coverage.
  • ​60 pound hopper capacity.
  • ​Operates silently.
  • ​Can run for up to 26 hours.

To use this pellet stove, all you need to do is light it up using a propane torch. The pellets will begin to heat the chamber and you will notice a change in the room temperature in no time.

A non-flammable hearth pad should be used to prevent fire hazards. As for controlling the heat, you won’t have to deal with dials and switches. Open/close or adjust the openings that suck in air to control the output.

This unit has a BTU rating of 40,000 which is enough to heat up an area between 800 and 2000 square feet. Moreover, it has a combustion rating of 75% which is commendable.

US Stove comes with a hopper that has a capacity of 60 pounds. A filled up hopper will run for 12 - 36 hours depending on the heat it produces (High/Low Setting).

You can watch the flame that burns inside the glass window. As for its body, it is compact, simple and ideal for remote areas or places where blackouts are frequent.

The unit comes with a base pan and removable wheels. By attaching the wheels, you can move it from room to room with great ease. It is lighter pellet stove that weighs 131 pounds only and occupies quite less space compared to most pellet stoves.

Since it’s not an electric pellet stove, you won’t be getting any automated controls such as a programmable thermostat, remote control operation, estimates, etc. However, this unit still outweighs many automated pellet stoves due to its quality and functionality.


  • ​EPA certified.
  • ​Heat is easily radiated from a 3-½ tubing.
  • ​Fewer chances of breakdowns due to no electric circuit.
  • ​Covers a large space (2000 sq feet).


  • ​The manual ignition system is a bit risky.

If you can handle a non electric pellet system that works on a gravity feed mechanism then you will love this appliance. It is good at heating a large area in much less time. The biggest benefit of this unit is it doesn’t contribute to the energy bill, unlike electric pellet stoves.

This Pleasant Hearth unit works on 35,000 BTU and covers a medium space efficiently. With an efficiency rating of 85%, it is one of the best pellet stoves on the market under a budget.

It can provide heat up to 12-24 hours of operation depending upon what settings you run it on.


  • ​Built in blower.
  • ​Covers 1750 sq feet of area.
  • ​Auto ignition system.
  • ​5 heat settings
  • ​40 pounds hopper.

This one has an iron cast door, a ceramic window to look into the fire and a durable finish on the entire body that makes it a long lasting unit.

It produces strong heat and keeps the area warm enough over 1750 sq feet at 35,000 BTU. This much heat is ideal for homeowners who own smaller/medium houses.

The notable feature on this unit is the built-in blower in it. Its job is to distribute heat evenly over a wide area and amplify the heat output drastically. This is why your room will heat up quickly compared to units that do not have a blower.

There’s a knob on the unit that allows you to choose from 5 various heat settings. You can go with the max settings option if the weather is too cold. Once, it gets warm enough, you can switch the speed to the minimum to keep it operational for a long time. There are three other settings too.

The air wash feature allows you to keep the ceramic glass window clean at all times. It works by sucking in fresh air from the outside and blowing it on the window to clean it.


  • ​EPA certified.
  • ​5-year warranty.
  • ​Blower works in silence.
  • ​Vent included.


  • ​Expensive replacement parts.

If you own a small or medium home then this Pleasant Hearth pellet stove will eliminate all your winter problems. It is economical and covers a good area.

This is a compact and easy to use pellet stove that will warm your home in winters like a pro. One of the best things about this unit is the efficiency and ability to consume less electricity.

It is an auto-start one-touch igniter that incorporates a digital control board, a blower, a hopper, and a sleek satin coated body that looks amazing.


  • ​Operates 15-25 hours when the hopper is full.
  • ​40 pounds hopper capacity.
  • ​Covers 1500 sq. feet.
  • ​Air wash system.

This pellet stove is perfect for people who want to heat medium spaces. It can cover an area of 1500 sq. feet with great ease. Moreover, it has air valves outside for fresh air intake that improve fuel combustion.

The flow of fuel is consistent thanks to the double auger feed system. It can run for about 25 hours at a stretch thanks to the side mounted hopper that has a capacity of 40 pounds.

Starting the unit is no issue at all because it incorporates an auto start one touch system. All you need to do is push the designated button and it will get ready to work.

It comes with a 3-inch rear vent pipe that releases hot air into the surrounding. Apart from that, there’s a digital control board on the stove that allows you to change the temperature and adjust the blower speed.

The blower is of huge importance. It distributes heat across a room and ensures every corner is heated properly.

Another great feature of this beauty is its durability. It is made up of heavy gauge metal and has a cast iron door that not only looks amazing but is solid as well.

The ceramic window glass on the front is for users to watch the flame inside. Cleaning this window is a breeze thanks to the air wash system it supports. This feature makes use of the outside air by sucking it in through pipes and releasing on the glass window to clean it off. Hence, it will remain clean at all times.


  • ​Meets ULC and UL standards.
  • ​Nickel finish on the body makes it long lasting and attractive.
  • ​Mobile home approved.
  • ​Outside air kit is supported (additional $60).
  • ​Blower distributes air at 140 CFM.


  • ​Very heavy at 291 pounds.
  • ​Can be difficult to maintain – doesn’t work properly if the ash is not removed after every use.

Summers Heat SHP10 is a heavy stove with some kickass benefits. It is quite safe to use and is known to work well.

If space is an issue then consider US Stove 4840 as it can be wall mounted. This unit is ideal for smaller homes as it covers a smaller area.

It is efficient in terms of performance and offers 5 heat settings.


  • ​24,000 BTUs.
  • ​1000 sq. feet of coverage area.
  • ​5 heat settings.
  • ​Runs for 6 hours on high settings.

This wall mounted pellet stove may look extremely small compared to standard pellet stoves but it will leave you impressed. It is only suitable for about 100 sq. ft. of space as it generates 24,000 British Thermal Units. The unit distributes heat evenly, which is a great plus.

It uses an auto ignition system and offers 5 various heat settings to choose from. You can operate it on max settings if the temperature is too low or keep it at min setting if the room is warm enough. There are also 3 more options to choose from.

There’s a 28 pound hopper that accepts wood pellets. It offers a runtime of 24 hours (low) and 6 hours (high). This means you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep without any worries.

It comes with all the necessary items including a vent kit, mounting bracket, cap, stove adapter, wall thimble, vent attachment, and twist lock pipe. You will not have to buy additional items to install it.

There’s a blower installed inside the unit that produces air at 120 CFM. Thus, amplifying the heat output by a great deal.


  • ​Easy to clean and maintain.
  • ​Mounts like a flat screen TV.
  • ​Supports auto ignition.
  • ​Can run for up to 24 hours on low settings.
  • ​Comes with a vent kit.


  • ​In case of any technical or performance problem, you will need to disassemble the stove first.

If you hate large stove heaters then get the US Stove 4840. It takes little space as you can mount it to a wall. Plus, it works well and is known to be efficient and affordable. However, it may not be suitable for bigger spaces.

Pelpro Pellet stoves reign supreme when it comes to saving energy and giving 100% output. It produces heat over a large area and offers extended runtime thanks to the large hopper it is equipped with.

You can use this unit on 3 settings and enjoy a runtime of 80 hours on full loud making it one of the most impressive units out there.

Long story short, if you are looking for a pellet stove that provides consistent heat and delivers good performance then consider this one.


  • ​Provides heat across 2200 square feet.
  • ​Operates for 80 hours (full loud).
  • ​The thermostat allows you to change temperature.
  • ​Offers 50,000 BTUs.

The hopper on this unit can store up to 130 pounds of wood pellets. It’s quite powerful but also a bit large and bulky in appearance. Hence, get ready to find a good corner to place it.

When filled, it will run for 80 hours consistently. This means that you won’t be needing to refill it for at least 3 days even if you run it consistently, but that may not be a very good idea as a little rest is recommended.

There’s a knob on the stove that can be used to set the heat according to your liking. Move the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase/decrease the temperature.

It turns on with auto ignition, therefore, there’s no safety threat. You simply need to push the designated button to turn it on.

There’s a blower included with the package that helps to amplify the heat output and distribute it as far as possible.

This is an economical pellet stove that requires one bag of pellets for per day use.


  • ​50,000 BTUs output.
  • ​Turns on with auto ignition.
  • ​Very economical.
  • ​Blower distributes air at 256 CFM.


  • ​Does not look very good.

Pelpro Pellet Stove - 50,000 BTU Model PP130 can be a good option for users who want a pellet stove that can run for extended hours. Despite being extremely powerful, it is easy to maintain and quite economical to operate.

Another US Stove makes it to our list because of the features and quality it brings to the table. This one is an automated model that offers auto start ignition and peace of mind to the user.

It is extremely durable and attractive thanks to its classic look which comes from the black finish coated over it.


  • ​Offers 5 heat settings.
  • ​Comes with a blower that distributes heat at 120 CFM using automatic circulation.
  • ​Electronic control board allows you to adjust heat as per your will.
  • ​LED display shows temperature readings.

This pellet stove offers 5 heat settings and can heat up 1700 sq. feet of area easily. You can either run it at max speed, minimum speed or choose from the other three settings using the knob.

It comes with a powerful blower that spreads heat over a wide area and amplifies the heat output as well. The blower works automatically and functions when the temperature of the surrounding is too low. Moreover, it is super silent during operation which is an added plus.

The glass window looks clear and aesthetically pleasing. It allows the user to see the fire that burns inside. This compartment of the pellet stove can get dirty and even get clogged up with ash. However, you don’t need to worry because it supports the airwash cleaning system. It sucks in outside air and cleans the window by itself. You can then use a scoop to sweep off the ash.

There’s a digital control board on the unit that features an LED display. You can see the speed, temperature readings, etc., on this screen. This is a great feature that adds to the unit.


  • ​Easy to clean and maintain.
  • ​LED display gives you important information.
  • ​Blower works silently.
  • ​Offers 5 heat settings.


  • ​Installation materials not included.

US Stove 5500M is a powerful pellet stove that will provide consistent heat for many hours. It’s quite easy to use and maintain thanks to some advanced features that make it a good pick for all kinds of users.

If you desire a pellet stove that operates on modern technology and offers good efficiency then Pelpro Pellet stove can be a good choice. It is designed to generate more heat on less fuel and covers a wide area.

On full load, it offers up to 40 hours of runtime which is commendable thanks to the 60 pounds hopper capacity.


  • ​Provides heat across 1,750 square feet of an area.
  • ​Runs for 40 hours when the hopper is filled completely.
  • ​Temperature adjustment with single dial control.
  • ​BTU output between 9000 to 35000.

It comes with a quality hopper that has a capacity of 60 pounds. When filled, it will operate for up to 40 hours non stop. This is a handy feature for those who live in extremely cold areas and require heating for many hours.

You can increase or decrease the temperature using the single dial on the unit. It helps to regulate the temperature and set it as per your needs.

Moreover, turning this pellet stove on is super easy as it incorporates an auto start system. All you need to do is push the designated button to start it. Apart from that, it’s also an economical pellet stove because it generates more heat with fewer pellets.

It consumes only 7 bags of pellets in a week. Comparatively, most other options will consume 10 bags per week if you operate them for the same number of hours. This will save you a lot of money in the long-run.

It comes with an attached blower that helps regulate heat across the area. Moreover, it also has a thermostat that makes it possible to vary the temperature.


  • ​1,750 square feet area coverage
  • ​9,000 to 35,000 BTUs output.
  • ​Supports auto ignition.
  • ​Single dial control to change temperature.


  • ​Expensive and heavy.

Pelpro Pellet Stove - 35,000 BTU, Model# PP60 is good at heating up a smaller home. It is highly efficient at reducing pellet consumption and helping you save money.

Best Pellet Stove Buying Guide

As mentioned earlier, the market is full of pellet stoves and they all claim to be the best. While we have covered some of the best pellet stoves out there, it can still be difficult to pick the right one.

Here, we have highlighted all the factors you should consider when buying a pellet stove.

Let’s have a look:

1. Heat Capacity: Pellet stoves are measured in BTU for their heat output. You will find pellet stoves starting from 8,000 BTUs and going up to 90,000 BTUs.

The higher the BTU rating of a stove, the faster it will heat up the space. On average, a pellet stove with 35,000 BTUs is ideal for smaller homes. ​

In the case of larger spaces, choose one that has more than 35,000 BTU. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22- 50,000 BTU can be a good pick. It offers 50,000 BTUs and is good at heating larger spaces efficiently.

2. Area Coverage: Measure the amount of area you want to heat and then choose a pellet stove.

You will also need to determine the number of rooms you want to heat. If it’s one room then a smaller pellet stove with low heating capacity will suffice such as the US Stove 4840 Wall Mount. However, if you want to heat multiple rooms then go for a larger pellet stove that covers a larger area.

Insulation also plays a vital role in the way a stove will heat up your home. If your home is poorly insulated then you will need to opt for a stove that can cover more than 2000 sq. feet of area. Hence, we suggest to improve insulation.

3. Ease Of Use: Pellet stoves with auto start ignition are easier to use compared to the ones that require manual ignition. Apart from that, pick one that is remote controller operable or has a knob to regulate temperature.

4. Hopper Size: The hopper is a compartment where the pellets go. It is the fuel chamber of a stove which is why its capacity is of vital importance. Larger a hopper, more runtime it will offer.

A hopper with 60 pounds of pellet capacity can easily run for about 25 hours. If you wish to buy even a better one then go with a 130 pound hopper such as Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU Cabinet Pellet Stove. It will easily offer 80 hours of runtime.

Other than this, make sure to pick one that is easy to use and clean, reliable, attractive, and safe.


These were some of the best pellet stoves on the market for you to choose from. Make sure to pick one keeping your requirements in mind so you can get a product that offers you what you want.

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