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10 Best Above Ground Pool Heater Reviews 2021

Do you want to make the most of your outdoor above ground pool? Below we have identified some of the best above ground pool heaters on the market. 

We all know that a backyard pool can be one of the best ways to spend leisure time with the family. However, such an experience would be better if the water is warm. Plus, a pool heater would not necessarily make sense during the hot summer months. The heater from the water, coupled with heat from the sun, would make up for an uncomfortable experience. 

However, it would be suitable to use at night, or perhaps during the cold seasons of the year. Thus, its good to know when to make use of such a resource for the best results. Use this detailed guide to help you make the right selection for your pool. The top pick in this list would have to be the SmartPool SunHeater-Solar Heating System. But, we still have more in store for you!

Let us dive right into it:


Best For


Small and above ground pools

smartpool sunheater-solar heating system
  • Comes with a polypropylene heat collector
  • Equipped with end caps, steel hose clamps and teflon tape
  • Has an ordering guide for installation in round pools

Outdoor pools

ecosmart smart pool heater
  • Comes with a flow activation mechanism for convenience
  • Designed to be easy to install and compact
  • Lets you set the temperature increments by 1-degree
  • Compatible with an Eco smart remote control for ease of use

Small and above ground pools

sunheater pool heating system
  • Efficient and cost-effective method for raising pool temperatures
  • Designed to be easy to install in most pools
  • Comes with a tube on web design for flexibility

Small and above ground pools

niome 3kw waterproof heater
  • Comes with a touch screen and LCD display for easy temperature setting
  • Heavy duty design ensures longevity
  • Equipped with a powerful thermostat for temperature regulation

Above Ground Pool Heater Buying Guide:

Gas Vs. Solar Vs. Electric Heaters

A pool heat pump is an excellent way to keep the water in your pool warm, especially if you have to use it during the cold winter months. With the right pump, you will enjoy excellent heating costs, minus the excessive electrical costs associated with such tools. It does not matter whether its 6 am or 11 pm, a good pool heater should keep your water warm. 

The gas heaters are also excellent, but they are associated with various safety issues. Plus, you have to replace the gas regularly, which can be a costly affair.

There is no doubt that solar is an excellent source of energy because its affordable and readily available. The only costs associated with such an investment are investing in the panels and the cost of ensuring they operate at optimal levels. Various factors come into play when you want to use solar panels. For instance, during the cold summer months, using such a heater would not be practical. Why? Its because the amount of sunlight at such times is often low.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Pool Heaters

So you are finally ready to get the above ground pool heater you have been eyeing. However, you have to consider some of the key factors before settling on a specific type for your needs. They include:

Fuel Used

You can classify heaters for your pool in relation to the type of fuel used for the water heating process. While most types are electric, people increasingly realize the benefits of solar types. The main drawback of such heaters is that they are not suitable for use during the summer months.

The gas types that function using propane or natural gas can function all year round but are associated with leakages. Plus, the electric types are also excellent but are associated with excessive electrical costs, especially if your pool is large.

Overall Pool Size

The size of the pool will determine the right capacity heater you should select for your pool. If you have a big swimming pool, consider going for the types with the “high capacity” metric on them. This means they are powerful tools you can use to warm large pools, such as those used for commercial applications. However, the “low capacity” types are suitable for residential swimming pools, such as most common above ground pools.

Installation Procedures

Usually, different pool brands have varying pool installation requirements, which you have to consider. Keeping track of these factors is crucial if you want a convenient user experience when you want to use the pool. For instance, it can be highly inconveniencing to install the heater in your pool every time you want to use the above ground pool.

Furthermore, some modern swimming pool heater brands require special tools, which you might not have in your DIY kit. For these heaters, you may have to consult with professional contractor companies.

Sizing your Pool and Heater is Crucial!

Do you have a saltwater pool? Heat pumps work excellent for heating the water during the cold months. Consider the titanium heat exchangers that are durable against exposure to the saltwater. Plus, the gas heaters have various copper components, which can degrade easily over time, and you also have to consider this aspect. Invest in a heater made using cupro-nickel material – which offers high levels of longevity.

Do you want to use a solar pool cover? If you want to heat the pool without using a floating cover, go for one that is a few sizes large for optimal warmth, especially during the night.

What is the average pool warmth level? If you want the water to be over 10° F, go for any of these heaters on this list. Plus, remember to consider factors such as the air and water temperature when heating the water.

When do you want to warm the water? If you only have to heat the water during the warm months, the heaters on this list are excellent. However, the gas pumps are known to have large capacities to make them for heating water supplies.

Above Ground Pool Heater

Q. I have rust chips showing up in my pool?

A. Various substances can lead to rusting, including water conditions with lots of acids that can compromise the heater components. If you come across bits of rust or metal in your pool water, then check all the metal components in your pool. Ensure you balance all the substances and keep track of the pH levels. Plus, keep track of any other substances or items that might be compromising the quality of the water. 

Q. Why does my heater produce a whistling noise?

A. Many issues, such as low-pressure gas can lead to whistling complications in gas burners. Evaluate your user manual and get in touch with a service provider for adequate information. Plus, whistling complications can also lead to partially clogged burners. You can easily solve these issues with items such as a paper clip. 

Q. My pool heater has a leakage?

A. If your pool heater is leaking, it may be due to various issues such as damage to the sanitizer or use of lots of chemicals. Also, the damage might occur as a result of excessively cold weather, which can, in turn, lead to leakages. Remember to check other components such as the gasket or any loose connections in the pool heater.

Q. Can I install the heater DIY?

Most consumers install pool water heaters DIY, and it's simple if you have the right techniques. You may also have to consult an electrician when you want to handle the wiring process. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it easy to install the heater in your pool.

Top 10 Above Ground Pool Heater You Can Buy In 2021

Keeping your pool warm has never been this easy. The Smartpool Sunheater heating system makes up for an excellent way to keep your pool warm. It features a polypropylene heater collector, to make it a high-performance solution for your needs. Furthermore, the two threaded elbow adapters on this unit make it easy to set up

A good pool heater is safe and reliable – it never gives up when you need to warm your pool water the most. Thus, its how the Smartpool Sunheater has you covered with various aspects of its unique functionality. 

The heavy-duty design means that you can rely on this “kitchen beast” for many years. Plus, you will get value for your money in as little as a season or two, and it will still keep you enjoying your pool time for longer. The good thing with the Smartpool heater is that you can modify its functionality to suit your pool heating nature. You can also connect several of these units to provide high-quality heating performances.


  • Comes with a polypropylene heat collector
  • Equipped with end caps, steel hose clamps, and Teflon tape
  • Has an ordering guide for installation in round pools


  • Requires tools and skill to set it up correct

Ensure your pool is warm enough for the kids when you have the EcoSmart Pool Electric heater. The heater comes with a flow activation mechanism, which makes it ideal for regulating hot water flow. It's an eco-smart pool heater that is compact and easy to install in your pool. Getting an affordable ground pool heater is important, and this is why the EcoSmart brand has you covered with this unit.

You will also be pleased with the fact the EcoSmart ranks among some of the leading pool heater brands on the market. Thus, with the SMART POOL Electric Tankless heater, you are sure of a powerful tool that matches your modern above ground pool. 

Since it lets you set the temperature digitally with increments of 1-degree, you have a convenient way to customize your heater's functionality. It's also compatible with an Eco smart remote control that lets you connect to the pool heater from a convenient location. You can use this electric pool heater as an alternative or as a resource to boost your pool heat pump.


  • Comes with a flow activation mechanism for convenience
  • Designed to be easy to install and compact
  • Lets you set the temperature increments by 1-degree.
  • Compatible with an Eco smart remote control for ease of use


  • The remote does not have an excellent range 

Make your home pool way more functional when you have the SunHeater Pool Heating System. It's a powerful tool that helps you capture free heat from the sun, which you can use to improve your pool water's warmth. We all know that solar is a key aspect of modern-day power, and the Sunheater Heating system lets you take advantage of this function. Thanks to its rigid design, the heater can expand and contract without any major adjustments to the average temperature levels.

Plus, the pool pump can push the water through various tubes, where it gets warm through heat from the sun, then returns to the pool. It's an efficient system that you can use to raise your pool's temperature by over 6-10 degrees F. With its unique web tube design, the heater will easily capture most heat from the sun for optimal heating results. 

It's a pool heater that makes use of your current filtration system, which makes it exceptionally convenient than most other similar brands. The filtration system comes with four end caps, flex hose connections, steel hose clamps, and more.

The good thing about this cover is that you can conveniently use it both for inground and above ground pools. Made using durable polypropylene material, you can trust this heating system to last for many years. 


  • Efficient and cost-effective method for raising pool temperatures
  • Designed to be easy to install in most pools
  • Comes with a tube on web design for flexibility


  • Could use more durable loops 

Keeping your pool warm should be an important priority. Its why we also have the Niome 3KW waterproof water heater on this list. It comes with an advanced design, which features a screen and LCD for your convenience. The LCD on this unit is well positioned and you can even view it at night when the visibility is low. 

Even more, the in-built circulation pump makes it easy to regulate the flow of water in your pool. What is the role of a circulation pump? It's a tool that regulates the flow of water in the pool, and it's important when using a heater. The integrated control system for the circulation pump is convenient, so you never have to set up a separate device for controlling the heater. It's a cost-saving venture for your needs.

The automatic water thermostat makes it easy to regulate the pool's average temperatures – even when you are not around. The good thing about the thermostat on this unit is that it is automatic. Thus, you won't have to check on it regularly or make adjustments to its functionality.


  • Comes with a touch screen and LCD for easy temperature setting
  • The heavy-duty design ensures longevity
  • Equipped with a powerful thermostat for temperature regulation


  • The thermostat requires initial calibration

The Xtremepowerus Above Ground Swimming pool heater is dynamic as you can get when it comes to swimming pool heaters. Made using high-grade materials, the Xtremepower US is made using high-grade materials that can withstand almost any weather type. To make the above pool heater reliable, it also comes with a filter that is highly efficient at water circulation procedures.

The powerful filter in this unit makes it a top performer when it comes to water cleaning applications. Thus, it's a dynamic tool that has you covered in various aspects of its pool care functionality. Thanks to the weather proof design of this water pool heater, you can store it anywhere without any damage to the structure.

The good thing about this panel is that it won't produce greenhouse gases and does not require maintenance. Designed to provide optimal functionality, each panel features lightweight, flexible and durable material. The polypropylene construction means that you can enjoy several years of reliable heating performance – minus the maintenance hassles with most pools.


  • Made using high-grade materials that can last
  • Features a powerful filter for water circulation
  • Made using flexible, lightweight, and durable polypropylene material


  • N/A

Enhance the functionality of your swimming pool when you finally install the IIS 220V Water Heater. It features a powerful thermostat that suits various applications. The thermostat has a unique flow temperature sensor technology that will provide quality measurements each time. The sensor also has a single-chip microcomputer that will accurately measure the temperature and improve water flow.

Designed to be simple and convenient to use, you can also use it to check the system's operating status. Plus, you will also find it easy to make the correct judgments when adjusting the functionality of this heater. Thus, you have a unit that can maintain the right water flow, fuel, and address issues such as the absence of water.

The unique design of the thermostat liner provides excellent circulation and also makes the heater easy to remove. Additionally, the machine is easy to maintain, and the electrical components are durable against exposure to heating issues. 

Since the thermostat liner is made using 316# steel, you have a heating tube that ensures optimal corrosion resistance. The heater also has several protections, safety, and reliable mechanisms for convenient use. Plus, you will be pleased with the ultra-high temperature and short circuit features that will improve the heater's functionality.


  • Comes with an adopted temperature flow sensor
  • Has a single-chip microcomputer for measuring temperature
  • Made using 316# stainless steel for longevity


  • Attaching it to the small pool pipes is not easy

Make your pool much warmer during winter when you have the iHeat Tankless Water Heater. The heat tank features high-quality stainless steel and ixp-4 waterproof construction for longevity. Furthermore, you will also find this unit easy to use in various applications such as kitchens, clinics, and more. 

The waterproof construction of this makes it easy to safely and conveniently adjust the temperature of the water. 

Designed to be compact and simple to use, this water heater is the perfect addition to your pool space area. It's simple to lift, but powerful enough to suit your modern pool. Yes, that's right! You get to save lots of cash in heating costs.

The unique combination of heating functions on this unit ensures years of fun and warm water for the family.


  • Made using stainless steel material with waterproof construction
  • Suitable for sterile applications such as in the kitchen
  • Small enough to suit closets and more


  • Could use better loops for ease of installation

The Ecosmart Smart Pool Electric heater is also another pool accessory on this list. It's a powerful machine with the latest flow sensor technology, rather than the conventional pressure switch. These are components that help stop any issues such as burned elements and enhance the heater's reliability.

As you would expect with all high-end heaters on the market, it also has a digital thermostat, which works well to regulate the temperature levels. The Eco smart has also made it easy for users to adjust the heater's temperature levels through 1-degree increments.

To make this unit more functional, it’s also compatible with an eco-smart remote control for your convenience. You can even use it as an option to boost the performance of the heat pump.


  • Has excellent flow activation mechanisms
  • The heater is compact and easy to install 
  • Lets you set the temperature with increments of -degree


  • N/A 

SunHeater S120U Pool Heater 2 by 20-Feet 

Extend the usability of your above ground pool with the Sunheat S120U Universal Heater. It's a powerful machine that is easy to install and perfect for various pool environments. You can install it on roofs, racks, the ground, or even your fence.

Thanks to its patented web design, you have a heater that provides adequate exposure to the rays of the sun. The good thing about this unit is that it uses your existing pool pump for the best water heating performance.

The S120 makes up for a cost-effective solution for warming and heating your pool. The highly efficient solar panel will increase your water temperature so your pool stays warm! With all these unique features, it's easy to see why this unit can add several weeks to your pool season. Also, this unit's dynamic design means that you can use it in both above ground and in-ground systems.


  • Designed to simple to install DIY
  • Easy to set up on your rack, roof, or the ground
  • Has a patented web design for optimal exposure to the sun
  • Raises pool water temperature 6-10 degrees F


  • N/A 

SunHeater Pool Heating System – Solar Heater 

The SunHeater Pool Heating system lets you capture free heat from the sun to raise the water in your pool effectively. It's a powerful tool that is cost-effective for most modern swimming pool systems. Below, we outline the key heater features.

The heater features a pump that is efficient at pushing water through the tubes in the panel. The tubes in the panel receive warmth from the sun and are highly efficient at water transfer. Also, this unit's unique functions mean that it can raise the water temperature by 10 degrees F.

As you would expect with all high-end pool heaters, it's easy to install and leverages the current filtrations system in your pool. It comes with various accessories, including four end caps, flex hose connections, and elbows for ease of use. Thanks to the durable polypropylene construction of the heater, longevity is a guarantee. It also features a liquid heat shield, which traps in heat and helps to reduce evaporation issues. 

Thanks to the tube web design, the heater works efficiently at capturing all the heat from the sun. This heater's rigid design also makes it flexible and ensures the panels won't expand or contract drastically. Such an issue can compromise your panel's longevity and its why the Sunheat brand has you covered.


  • Comes with several tubes for heating applications
  • Designed to be easy to install and set up
  • Made using durable polypropylene material


  • Not easy to replace the fuse when damaged

Best Above Ground Pool Heater: Final Thoughts

Heating your pool is a simple process provided you have the right resources. In this guide, we have a review of some of the best above ground pool heater brands you can find on the market. Owning this type of heater is excellent because it makes it easy and convenient to heat your pool. Plus, they are often equipped with a host of unique safety features to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free experience.

The good thing is that they are also easy to install, and you will find different brands with different features. Get a good pool heater and make your outdoor experiences more fun.

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