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gfci outlet not working

GFCI Outlet Not Working: Here is Why and What to Do

Is your GFCI outlet not working properly? We have all been there. Whether at work or home, we are all using electricity and once in a while, we will experience a glitch. For instance, a light not turning on or a laptop not charging even though it is plugged in. But, most of the time, […]

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kohler propane generator

Kohler Propane Generator for Emergency Power Outages

Power outages are unpredictable and can cause significant disruption to your everyday life. Considering how much we rely on electricity to light our homes, cook our meals, and stay connected, having a reliable home backup generator is essential. So, if you still don’t have a backup plan, try the Kohler propane generator; it is a […]

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Kohler 20KW Generator

Kohler 20KW Generator Review- Is It Worth Buying?

 If you want to keep all your essential appliances operating or untie yourself from the grid, a standby generator will provide an on-demand source of power. The Kohler 20kw generator is a perfect option if you want a home standby generator for a mid-to-large sized home. In this article, we will review the Kohler 20kw […]

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fluorescent kitchen light replacement

Ideas for Fluorescent Kitchen Light Replacement

With fluorescent light fixtures in your kitchen, you are on the right track to lowering your energy bills and thus, helping the world lower greenhouse emissions. But, as good as these fluorescent lights are, you need to keep them in optimum condition and, when necessary, know the best fluorescent kitchen light replacement techniques. Read on as […]

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How Long Do Generators Last With Correct Maintenance?

How Long Do Generators Last With Correct Maintenance?

A power outage wields real power that can either break or make your day – you’d wonder how the early man survived. So you went out and got yourself the best generator to act as a backup generator deal with all those power outages or simply needed a portable generator you could use to run […]

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where are generac generators made

Where Are Generac Generators Made? Detailed Generac Guide

The short answer to ‘where are Generac generators made’ is that the Generac G-Force and OHVI engines are innovatively designed and manufactured by Generac Power Systems. Generac Power Systems produces these engines at its facility in Wisconsin. However, it’s important to note that the Generac OHV engines aren’t engineered in the United States. Instead, it is […]

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What is a ballast light?

What is a Ballast Light, and is it Really Necessary?

You may sometimes hear a fluorescent lamp buzzing and wonder what is happening there. That sound may be a result of a faulty ballast. Fluorescent lamps operated on ballasts may become dim or flicker when the ballast needs a replacement. So, what is a ballast light? It is a device that regulates the current flowing […]

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smoke detector battery replacement

Smoke Detector Battery Replacement and Testing

If you’re anything like most homeowners, you haven’t paid much attention to your smoke detector since it was installed and tested. But that was until that frustrating chirping in the middle of the night as a reminder to change the smoke detector batteries. This article will focus on smoke detector battery replacement to ensure your […]

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Woman Changing A Fluorescent Light Bulb

Easy Fluorescent Light Ballast Replacement At Home

Are you tired of your light bulbs constantly flickering? You might be moving to throw away your fluorescent fixture, but did you know you can do a fluorescent light ballast replacement instead? Normally, fluorescent light bulbs use a ballast to produce the light. The ballast is important in regulating the amount of light that flows into […]

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Portable Generators Repair

Portable Generators Repair and Maintenance Tips

The last thing anyone desires is a power backup failing, especially during unexpected power outages. Unfortunately, this is very possible with portable power backups. For instance, your model can misfire, delay starting or not fire at all amid a big storm and this is when you wish you can check for minor repairs or desire […]

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