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how do you restore residual magnetism in a generator

How Do You Restore Residual Magnetism in a Generator?

Remanence or residual magnetism in a generator is the amount of magnetism left in a generator after getting rid of the external magnetic field from the generator. This occurrence can be seen in portable generators, motors or transformers. When the generator loses its ability to start up, there is a chance that the residual magnetism is […]

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what causes the uu code on kohler generators

What Causes the UU Code on Kohler Generators?

UU code is also known as under-voltage shutdown. What Causes the UU Code on Kohler Generators? The code UU indicates that the generator’s onboard diagnostic electronics have detected a low AC output. The system will shut down if the voltage falls below 80% of the nominal system voltage for more than 10 seconds to safeguard […]

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best home standby generator

Best Home Standby Generator for Backup Power Supply

A portable generator is essential for providing power to electronic devices, appliances, and lighting in remote settings such as campgrounds or RVs. However, when there’s a power outage at home, a portable generator won’t have enough power output to supply the entire home; that’s why you need a standby generator; especially if the power outages […]

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what size generator for 200 amp service

What Size Generator for 200 Amp Service does My House Need?

There are many ways to power up your house during a power outage. Hooking up a portable generator is one of the most efficient methods to bring back life into your house in case of an outage. Power outages come out of nowhere and are sometimes unavoidable. In some instances, you will realize that you […]

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smoke alarm chirping after new battery

Smoke Alarm Chirping After New Battery Installation

Smoke alarms are essential in homes, business places, and other establishments since they notify you of possible fire outbreaks. They can help keep your loved ones and property safe from fire accidents. Unfortunately, replacing the batteries can cause the smoke detector to keep chirping. So, we’ll discuss how to stop the smoke alarm chirping after […]

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generac dual fuel generator

Generac Dual Fuel Generator For Power Outages

A generator can be a handy piece of equipment in the event of a power outage. Investing in a generator might not be a bad idea. Especially if your area suffers from power outages every now and then. A generator can also be very efficient when you have other outdoor activities. Let us take a […]

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generac natural gas generator

Generac Natural Gas Generator For Power Backup

Is a portable generator inadequate for your house needs? Instead, try a whole house generator for more power to run all your electrical house needs whenever there are blackouts. Next, we know you will have the dilemma of which fuel type to run your generator. Not to worry, let’s avoid the paradox of choice with […]

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Residential Automatic Transfer Switch

How Does a Transfer Switch for Generator Work?

A transfer switch for a generator is a permanent switch that attaches to your power box and switches the power load between two sources. When the primary power source fails, this happens automatically for permanent backup power sources. It is good because it keeps the energy flowing smoothly and with minimal lag. When using a generator […]

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Generac 20kw Generator

Generac 20kw Generator for Emergency Power Outages

It’s annoying when you have a power outage, and the only thing you can do is sit and wait for the power to come back. But not anymore. A backup generator will offer an on-demand source of electricity if you want to keep all of your important appliances running or disconnect from the grid. If […]

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who makes generac engines

Who Makes Generac Engines? Everything You Need To Know

Generators come in handy whether you are looking for a backup option in the event of a power outage, or preparing for harsh weather conditions, say a hurricane. If this is you, then chances are you are battling questions like which brand you should choose. Who makes Generac engines is a common question and the […]

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