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honda generator runs but no power

Honda Generator Runs, But No Power is Produced

best home standby generatorsGenerac, Kohler, Honda So, what do we do when your Honda generator stops working? Today, we will go over the reasons why generators quit working. We’ll also show you how to solve the problem with a simple method.Why the Generator Runs Without producing power1. Residual Magnetism LossIf your generator is still running […]

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what would make a generator not to produce power

What Would Make a Generator Not to Produce Power?

You may notice your generator burning fuel but not doing its main job, not producing power. That is quite shocking, but what would make a generator not to produce power? Even though the engine is working well, there is still no power. This could get you worried or stranded, especially for backup power. There are quite a […]

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does a generator slowly lose its residual magnetism with time

Does a Generator Slowly Lose its Residual Magnetism With Time?

Power outages are unavoidable. Therefore, all homes need at least one power backup plan. Generators are the best option as they do the best job when it comes to lighting homes. However, generators sometimes run but don’t produce electricity. So, does a generator slowly lose its residual magnetism with time? The clear and direct answer […]

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how do you excite a brushless generator

How Do You Excite a Brushless Generator?

A brushless generator’s alternator converts mechanical energy to electricity with the help of a rotor’s magnetic field. Subsequently, the ignition current flows into the magnetic field for full generator output. However, unlike a brushed alternator that uses brushes to conduct electricity, a brushless alternator cannot build and transmit voltage without magnetism. Therefore, how do you […]

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Kohler Generator Will Not Start (Simple Hack)

When you start a generator and nothing happens, there is no need to panic. A generator is a machine that probably has mechanical issues that we will troubleshoot together. By the end of this article, you will be ready to face any situation where a Kohler generator will not start. To help with troubleshooting, pay […]

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how do i reset my kohler generator

How Do I Reset My Kohler Generator at Home?

Something will occasionally knock your generator offline. You won’t hear it conduct its weekly test, and it won’t turn on if you need electricity in an emergency. Resetting your generator could be the solution. So how do you reset your Kohler generator? Before resetting the controller, always determine and repair the reason for a fault shutdown. Then […]

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how long does generac last

How Long Does Generac Last During Outages?

No one can dispute the pivotal role of generators as sources of power. Be it during outages or in off-grid areas, these power equipment are indeed reliable. In line with reliable generators, we can’t overemphasize the top quality of Generac generators. Accordingly, one would be tempted to ask, how long does Generac last? In this article, […]

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how do you troubleshoot a generac generator

How Do You Troubleshoot a Generac Generator?

There is no time you will need to use your generator without an emergency of some sort. Therefore, the generator has to start at all costs. If you have trouble starting the generator, troubleshooting is the way to go. So, how do you troubleshoot a Generac generator? Here are some ways you want to try out […]

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how do i reset my generac generator

How do I Reset My Generac Generator? (Easy Steps)

There are instances when you need to reset your Generac generator. While resetting the generator is an easy task, you need to do it, right. There is everything you are seeing right now, from the yellow light blinking to the green light and red light to consider. If your main question is how do I […]

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kohler generator runs but no power

My Kohler Generator Runs, but No Power is Produced

Generators are big, complex power generators that we rely on to keep the world functioning when utility electricity breaks down. But what if your Kohler generator runs, but no power is produced? The loss of residual magnetism in the alternator and a failing AVR or other excitation component are typical causes of a generator not […]

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