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Best Portable Air Conditioners For Cars And Trucks in 2020

If you are a professional driver or if you drive for long hours then consider installing an air conditioner in your vehicle to make your journeys soothing and comfortable. Driving in humidity and heat, especially for long hours, can leave the bravest of people broken and exhausted. It can even lead to illnesses and cause you […]

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best generator for tailgating

10 Best Generator for Tailgating in 2020

It is often easy to know exactly what you should pack if you are an avid tailgater. Good food, a few drinks, and some little entertainment might be all it really takes to kick off a tailgating party for most people. However, to really make the tailgating party stand out, you are probably going to need […]

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best solar shower

8 Best Solar Camping Shower Bag to Buy In 2020

Sustainability is the future! Among the most sustainable practices, today is the use of solar energy. It’s increasingly becoming a crucial aspect of the way we power our lives today. In this guide, we look at some of the best solar showers on the market that you should consider. What exactly are these? Well, they are […]

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best solar charge controller

10 Best Solar Charge Controller For The Money

Every solar-powered system needs power regulation to stop battery damage, and this is why we have made this list of best solar charge controllers. Whether you are an eco-conscious homeowner or a self-taught DIY enthusiast or even if you just need an excellent trickle charging unit – these chargers are crucial.Most solar charge controllers might […]

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solar chargers for backpacking

Best Solar Charger for Backpacking

The best solar chargers give us various promises – freedom from wall outlets and power bills. Yes, that`s right; these chargers will juice up your batteries by converting the sun’s rays into electricity. For all the mobility of the modern age, we spend most of our time using stationary outlets for power. If you want […]

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waterlily turbine review

Waterlily Turbine Review

Have you ever wondered how you could still power your small devices such as phones when outdoors? At times, carrying an entire solar panel or battery pack does not make sense. Why? Well, aside from your already full bag, taking another heavy item would only cause you to tire. Thus, a good recommendation for you […]

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mppt charge controller

MPPT Charge Controller Reviews

Solar energy – it’s the future! It’s renewable, cheap, and you can use it to power an entire house! That said, since it’s a power supply system, it has many different and delicate components. Usually, you just leave the whole process to a professional service provider. However, in some cases, you are short on cash, […]

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honda eu3000is review

Honda Eu3000is Review 2020

An industry leader, Honda is among some of the top brands in the auto mechanic industry today. Their range of products is simply exceptional, and you will rarely go wrong with one of their products. In this guide, we provide a comprehensive Honda eu3000is review. Why? Well, this generator is one of the best portable […]

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how long can a generac generator run continuously

How Long Can a Generac Generator Run Continuously?

With all the accolades it has won over the years, it is hard not to come by Generac whenever you are in search of a good generator. It has a vast array of generators that will be perfect for any occasion, but only if you know which one is ideal for you.On the other hand, […]

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how to quiet a generator

How to Quiet a Generator

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, then you know the importance of having a power generator as a backup. Generators don’t only come in handy whenever there’s a power outage though. They can be super essential whenever you want to make the most out of your camping trips in the woods. Sadly, moments after powering […]

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