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why does the fan keep running on air conditioner

Why Does the Fan Keep Running on My Air Conditioner

There are various reasons your conditioner keeps on function, even when you switch it off. In this guide, we take a look at how air conditioners work, the main causes of this issue, and the solutions you should consider.The common term for compromised air conditioners would be a “Zombie Air Conditioner.” The main reason for […]

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Bad Smell Coming from One Vent in House

Bad Smell Coming from One Vent in House

A HVAC unit in your home can be a highly efficient solution for temperature control. Thus, you may find it inconvenient when it’s not functional or compromised. Fortunately, it’s a pretty blunt machine when it comes to providing signs of damage when in use.Among some of the key factors homeowners have to consider include bad […]

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how can i recover refrigerant without a machine

How Can I Recover Refrigerant without A Machine?

There are various reasons as to why one would want to recover refrigerant. It doesn’t matter whether your system is overcharged, or you if you perhaps on removing it – doing it right is always important. If you don’t have the right skills, you probably don’t have the right resources for recovering refrigerant.Thus, we take […]

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6 Best Portable Air Conditioners For Cars And Trucks in 2021

If you are a professional driver or if you drive for long hours then consider installing an air conditioner in your vehicle to make your journeys soothing and comfortable. Driving in humidity and heat, especially for long hours, can leave the bravest of people broken and exhausted. It can even lead to illnesses and cause you […]

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kohler vs generac generators reviews

Kohler Vs. Generac Generator Reviews 2021

When shopping for a generator, you will be pleased to know that there are countless brands from which you can buy your power supply products. Thus, it’s crucial that you make informed decisions before you invest in suitable products for your needs. In this guide, we go in depth into some of the leading names […]

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Pulsar PG2000iS review

Pulsar PG2000iS Inverter Generator Review 2021

Pulsar is one of the leading names in the generator industry, due to its competitive price point, compared to the other big names such as Honda and Yamaha. Not only the generators are available at an affordable price, but no compromise has been made on their quality.PG2000iS is an innovation of Pulsar that is among […]

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duromax xp4850eh

DuroMax XP4850EH Review 2021

According to statistics, you only start looking for a generator once you go through frequent power blackouts. At that moment, all you think is “Only if I had a generator right now, my life would be much easier.”So, to make sure you are never stuck in a situation like this, it is better to have […]

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best above ground pool heater

10 Best Above Ground Pool Heater Reviews 2021

Do you want to make the most of your outdoor above ground pool? Below we have identified some of the best above ground pool heaters on the market. We all know that a backyard pool can be one of the best ways to spend leisure time with the family. However, such an experience would be better […]

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best indoor propane heater

9 best Indoor Propane Heater Reviews 2021

If you have dedicated some space in your home for projects such as woodworking or have a hobby center, keep it warm. The festive season is just around the corner, and you need the right resources for the same. We have prepared this indoor propane heater review to help you make an informed decision. Why are […]

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best electric garage heater

12 Best Electric Garage Heater Reviews 2021

The cold winter months are around the corner. While it might be a signal of the pomp and glory we associate the festive season, it also comes with various challenges. For instance, the winter season brings in cold weather, which can easily compromise your ability to work in your garage. Plus, installing an air conditioning […]

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